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Xijiu move: About 3000000000 paid taxes, public assistance nearly 100 million yuan donation to a student, is to help a poor family." 10 years, 70 million, tens of thousands of students…… This string of numbers, enough to reflect the company adhere to the wine in the public areas. In Xishui County as a starting point for the divergence of love, from south to north, from east to west, Xijiu love the earth travels: Wenchuan earthquake, Ya’an earthquake, West Southwest drought, freezing, poverty alleviation…… In September 2016, Xijiu company formally in Guizhou Province under the guidance of the government, the social responsibility report released by the Department of love — and will stand. For Xijiu, social responsibility, do not care about the release, but as a responsibility in the shoulder, for the benefit of their homeland, is the emotional, is also of course. Ten years of public service, inside and outside the mountain Xijiu feeling when Chen classmates entered the Wuhan University District, looked full of youthful spirit students, only his grandfather would understand, this is how the university is not easy. Five years ago, his father died, his mother remarried and then left, Chen grandpa grandma. People in the mountains, there is no rich path. When the diligent children admitted to the University, tuition fees and living expenses add up to tens of thousands of overhead, Chen became reading roadblocks". At this time, "Xijiu · my university sent 5000 yuan grants. Through field investigation and wine marketing personnel for the late Xijiu company also is responsible for the cost of living of spontaneous Chen after university. According to public information, as of 2016, the company has donated more than 7000 yuan, benefiting tens of thousands of Needy University students, rural primary and middle school students, college students too many to count, to help poor students from home to college and then to social life span, build a completely change the fate of the poor students "rainbow bridge". 10 years of good influence grow with each passing day, today’s "Xijiu · my university has been set for the development of public education, scholarship, business support multiple projects as one of the public brand system. Love Zebei, Xijiu – Canoe forest public dream is slowly becoming reality. Increase investment in environmental protection, ecological civilization Xijiu embarked on a new level into the wine factory, in addition to the smell of Qin heart wine, those well-proportioned factories and residents along the Chishui river was built, showing a full landscape blueprint. Along with, although not see every family wine flag fluttering, but also after the rain in ten to open a bottle of incense, everywhere covered with green trees. This scenery is thousands of people to the xijiu. Since 2010, the gradual implementation of learning wine company Luzhou and flavor area technical renovation project. Investment of 230 million treatment plants, Luzhou area daily processing 400 tons of production wastewater yuan daily processing 3000 tons of Maotai production sewage treatment plant, daily processing 2000 tons of Xijiu town sewage treatment plant has been put into use, the Chishui city environmental monitoring station monitoring results show that the indicators have reached the "urban sewage treatment plant the pollutant discharge standard" level A standard. In recent years, Xijiu company also invested about 18000000 yuan construction of Xijiu beautiful ecological homeland; actively carry out the "protection of Chishui River Xijiu in action" full meaning)相关的主题文章:

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