Xianyang heavy fog orange warning silver high-speed highway visibility is only 50 meters face gossip

Xianyang fog orange signal warning Fu silver high-speed section visibility is only 50 meters western network (Shaanxi radio and television news reporter Li Xiaopeng) meteorological station in Xianyang city in November 3, 2016 07 50 issued fog orange signal warning signal: Xianyang City, Binxian County, Changwu, Xianyang has seen visibility less than 200 meters, more than or equal to 50 meters and the fog continued. The reporter then get the latest news from the Xianyang Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment at the moment, the visibility Fu silver high-speed long bin station to station 50 meters in Changwu fog, visibility to k1839 fog station Changwu 100 meters, campenon high-speed Xingping section of Xingping fog, low visibility. West Ham Nol high-speed, Maoling Xianxun to overpass, a mist. Salty high speed Chunhua to Xianyang north, part of the road there is a fog. Fu silver high-speed airport to the village of six Fort Road fog. Patrol police whistle to remind the passing vehicles to slow down, Caution!, strengthen the fog area increase patrols prevention efforts on the area, and sounded the alarm whistle, propaganda prompt passing drivers open fog lights open double flash, slow slow, keep a safe distance. In addition, now Xianyang City visibility is poor, the traffic police have been deployed personnel to arrange urban peak Gang counseling, currently Xianyang District rub accident had no obvious signs of increase. Xianyang City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment to remind everyone that this weather prevails but we need in order according to the prevailing rules. Defense Guide: 1. The relevant departments do a good job of anti fog work; 2. Strengthen dispatching airport, highway, ferry and other units; 3. The driver must strictly control the speed of the vehicle and ship; 4. Reduce outdoor activities.相关的主题文章:

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