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Health Many people who have used or seen a mangosteen juice or product, confuse it with Xango. They really want to know how good the other products are. What I can say with confidence is, that imitation is indeed flattering. Xango came along and essentially defined a niche and a market. Xango create a whole new category of mangosteen beverage. Most products that are currently available, are watered down mangosteen products. What is great about Xango is the research behind it. Mangosteen is a potent collection of xanthones, in fact it has over 40 different and unique xanthones. These xanthones work together very effectively, the legend of mangosteen has grown along with the research into its healing properties. Consumers are confused as to what really is important in a nutritional product. Xango is backed by research and more research. Most other products refer to Xango supplied data. Imitation products are like the school yard bully, the make claims and boast they can’t back up. Some say they have more xanthones, or maybe a stronger anti-oxidant. Wishing wells are made of water, and so are many imitation products. By law product labels list ingredients in order of importance and volume content Most just have one or two extracts and are touted as being superior. Gold can be fools gold if you’re not careful. The pericarp of the mangosteen has many xanthones. These xanthones all have different purposes, in nature they work in unison. The mangosteen impersonators make all sorts of claims about their inferior products. Some even feel that an extract works just as good. Xango is a library of mangosteen benefits, the others are just cliff notes. They just don’t understand the research. The xanthones in mangosteen are synergistic. This means that the sum is greater than the parts and that it is the relationship between these parts that is the most important. Xango has 40 plus xanthones, that are properly balanced and bottled to preserve the whole fruit product. Extraction may result in an abundance of one element at the expense of other potentially important ones, while changing the natural balance of the mangosteen. Emulators unwittingly remove or overlook .ponents that may contribute to the activity of the whole fruit. Extraction can ruin a product by stripping it of active ingredients. It has been proven scientifically,that the solvents used in the extraction process destroy the mending actions of most botanicals. To be imitated is the greatest form of flatter. There are knock offs of most name brand products, each being inferior to the original. Xango will continue to raise the bar for the most balanced and original mangosteen product ever created. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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