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Wine-Spirits Wel.e to Fine Wine Accessories in UK providing excellent and unusual wine accessories, Hotel and bar accessories, Hotel & Bar equipments and Wine accessory gifts. All Wine accessories have its special features. For wine cooling, we have wine coolers, wine buckets, ice buckets, Wine Sceptre, Champagne Bowl, and very unusual wine Cool Bags. Rapid Ice Wine Cooler and rapid ice champagne cooler are also offered. Also we have Slimline Wine Cooler with cabinet which can be used in kitchen to store your wine bottles. Sometime we need to wait for hours for our red wine to reach the correct temperature, so for this we have introduce Wine Warmer Therm au Rouge. This is unique energizing gel gently warms up your wine in a controlled and sophisticated way. We also have wine tasting accessories such as wine tasting glasses, Clef du Vin, Blind Tasting Cover, I.S.O Tasting Glass, Spiegelau glasses, Spittoon Bucket for all wine tasting from Club to Trade. An essential wine measures and spirit measure in stainless Steel with govt stamped are also supplied. We have huge wine decanters stock which gradually keeps changing everyday. Captain decanter, Ship Decanter, claret jug, hogget decanter, wine decanting cradle, decanting cradle in brass, and silver plate are main decanters preferred by wine accessories customers. Most attractive and useful decanting funnels and aerators are also offered. For outdoor trips we have good selection of hip flasks, Pewter hip flasks round and rectangular, Hip Flask – Leather Captive, and Pewter Hip Flask Funnel. Be different and order a Burgundian Tastevin or a Plain Wine Tasting Bowl Serpent Handle Tastevin or even a Pewter Quaiches. We also offer the Vacu Vin Wine Saver, Wine Preservers and Wine Breathers which is necessary for keeping your opened bottles fresh. Other mostly .monly used wine accessories are wine glasses, champagne glasses , barware glasses, champagne flutes, wine cellar accessories, wine cellar book, wine cellar Hygrometers, and wine cellar thermometers, Champagne Accessories , Cocktail Accessories. Then we have wine pourers, bottle pourers and drip rings, wine bottle stoppers, wine bottle coasters, wine table mats, wine openers. All range of Corkscrews from simple to exotic such as lazyfish corkscrew, Bar- Mounted Corkscrew, Screwpull Corkscrew, electric corkscrew, winemaster corkscrew, air pump corkscrew, laguiole corkscrew, Wall-mounted Corkscrew and many more in corkscrew is offered by Fine wine Accessories in UK. For excellent wine Pourers, we have Wine pouring baskets, wine pouring cradles, Universel’ Pouring Arc, Chrome Plated Pouring Arc, Silver Plate Wine Pouring Basket, and Pewter Wine Pouring Cradle. Whether you are looking for wine accessory for yourself or for birthday presents, wedding present, or Christmas presents, Fine wine accessories offer different kind of wine accessory gifts for different budget. Visit our miscellaneous gifts category for unusual wine presents such as key rings, salt and pepper mills and grape scissors, tastevins, Laguiole corkscrews in presentation boxes, key ring sized hip flasks, crystal decanters, decanting cradles, wine cooler bags, wine picnic baskets, and wine savers etc. Classic champagne sabres are an ideal presents for men and wine lovers. Hurry up wine lovers, browse and order your wine accessory today either by online or by visiting our shop or by phone. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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