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UnCategorized When hiring a professional firm to design your business website, it is vital to understand that the visual presentation is only one factor that contributes to a site’s success. While it should be visually pleasing, a site should also ac.modate search engine optimization because without the ability to attract targeted traffic, it will usually fail to produce any results. If no one sees your beautiful website, the beauty of it is inconsequential. This article looks at choosing a web designer who understands how to blend both aesthetic design and search engine optimization, including where many sites fail, and how a few changes can increase the results. Failing To Produce Positive Results Flash is a favorite tool of many website development teams because it can create eye-catching videos. The problem is the search engines cannot effectively index sites using Flash. Google has made some efforts to alter their algorithms so Flash pages can be indexed like text based pages. However, it can still only ac.plish indexing on a limited basis, making it difficult for Flash sites to achieve high rankings. A web designer should also consider eye tracking research that details how a visitor’s eyes move when visiting a web page. It can hurt conversions if a web development firm ignores the typical eye movements of visitors. A web designer familiar with search engine optimization can construct a web page that uses the information found in these studies, which will lead to better rankings and conversions. Traffic And Conversions Some website development firms may argue that a visually pleasing site will convert visitors into customers better, but this is a flawed argument. First, no studies prove that a flashy design will convert visitors better. Typically, the written copy on a web page is what triggers a conversion. While, .pelling copy may also be on a site with an attractive design, the copy still makes the conversion. Second, a web page with no traffic doesn’t have visitors to convert. This is why search engine optimization should be crucial to a web development firm. If a web designer creates a site that can’t be indexed properly, it will rarely receive any organic traffic from the search engines. SEO Changes A few .mon mistakes can work to bury your site in the .anic rankings of the search engines. For example, pages with huge amounts of HTML code are quickly buried because streamlined CSS is better and more easily readable by the search engines. A design experts who professes to know good search engine optimization may even over optimize some pages. Many times, the search engines penalize these sites. In addition, many attractive websites lack internal links for the search engine spiders to follow to other pages past the home page. A web designer with a thorough understanding of search engine optimization can create a well designed site that will also produce results. A good web development firm will transform a beautiful site into a traffic producing machine. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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