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"White" hot shot Guangdong Yin Shuyi partner Yueming Pan breaking mystery new actor Yin Shuyi Sohu – Sohu entertainment entertainment news by producer, five hundred new director Wang Wei’s drama "white" is in Guangdong shooting in Dongguan, had started as a singer Yin Shuyi, first served as the film starred, playing wit calm in the main game a strong story suspense crime drama "white", and actor Yueming Pan is breaking through various cases of mystery. "White" is the story of twin brothers two people were involved in the extermination massacre with a strange combination of circumstances, brother is cleared, nocturnal, swap identity and brother, while the detection of a variety of cases a step by step to uncover the truth story. The twin brothers are played by the famous actor Yueming Pan, in the way I really want to reveal the story, played by Yin Shuyi Yueming Pan is the best fighter Cagney and Lacey’s deputy. In the "white", played by Yin Shuyi is not only just graduated from King Cagney and Lacey police recruits, the film and television industry is new, although previously participated in "I-I show" "happy girl" and many other music talent, also served in the Xiao Ke teacher’s musical "because love 2" as the female lead, but she really served as film the work is the first time in. To be able to partner with actor Yueming Pan, Yin also said he was very lucky, but in the process of cooperation between the two, Yueming Pan for the work of serious attitude and the spirit of excellence also gave her great inspiration.相关的主题文章:

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