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Wei Fan won the Golden Horse Award for best actor nomination: look forward to, but that is not easy – Beijing this November, the two adaptation of Liu Zhenyun’s novel "one top ten thousand" and "I am not Pan Jinlian" has shown that Wei Fan is the only actor a are involved in the. He played the role of honest and honest pursuit of free love song of liberation in the former, the latter interpretation of a selfish and a little black humor fruit. You will find that Wei Fan rarely do publicity with group roadshow, but also rarely see a variety of interviews about him. Like this one, by virtue of his movie "no problem" at the Taiwan Film Awards for best actor nomination, no overwhelming publicity release. The answer for this weekend will be announced, he said not long ago, was also nominated for best actor in the Tokyo International Film Festival: "before going to win really did not expect, but in the later by the media and the audience blitz, the prize expectations, last fall, more or less have lost heart." This makes him on the horse for a low-key, "not winning is unknown, but there will still be a little expectation." A "top ten thousand sentences" when I was young, the pursuit of love is very subtle in Liu Zhenyun’s film, the first to find the Wei Fan is "a top ten thousand sentences". "Shooting in this movie a year ago, Mr. Liu Zhenyun was looking for me, I want to let my heart is certainly something always held Niu Aiguo, except that the age is not too appropriate." Second years, Wei Fan got the script in a look, is the spade, never hide the song of liberation. According to Wei Fan’s understanding, the character is the most open-minded of all characters. Only song liberation who I like to think about who, after marriage, I did not say no tangle." Song in the liberation of the pursuit of love, especially open. Compared with the role of Wei Fan in their youth, but much more reserved, "is my work environment around girls are older than me; the two was not so advocating free love, dating or a little more." B "I am not Pan Jinlian" is Li Xuelian Feng Xiaogang told farmers originally in the "I am not Pan Jinlian", Wei Fan arranged an important role, but due to the shooting period and the "one top ten thousand" crash, he had to ask a guest farmers angle. As the last man in the film, Li Xuelian tried to hang, but let her go across to solve farmers. In Wei Fan’s view, the fruit is compassionate to Li Xuelian, "why ah, have to be stronger, can hang in a tree, and the tree, no time delay." Shot the scene is in the afternoon, "it is God, the sky has no light, only a sunset. "Farmers woke up Li Xuelian, so she reflected the sun exposed it only once, but also the most beautiful smile." C "problem" is not a problem in this age met him, felt "no problem" is the screenwriter Mei Feng’s directorial debut, he served as director Lou Ye works "spring fever" "floating city mystery thing" screenwriter. The film is adapted from Lao She’s novel of the same name相关的主题文章:

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