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Ningbo focus on the destruction of over ten million yuan counterfeit counterfeit cosmetics may be toxic drugs China Ningbo network gelatin, tortoise plastron glue, antler glue etc. is blended with leather high sales; Dendrobium is not included in the "China Pharmacopoeia" cheap "Dendrobium"…… 27, market supervision administration of Ningbo municipality of nearly two years, the collection of all kinds of counterfeit drugs, cosmetics, medical equipment and other goods were destroyed, totaling more than 700 pieces, the total value of more than 12 million yuan. According to the municipal Market Supervision Bureau Inspection Brigade chief Wang Mingquan introduced, causes the destruction of drugs, cosmetics and medical devices are focused on the destruction of including composition, varieties and drug standards, without obtaining the special cosmetics approval number or medical device registration certificate. In accordance with the drug administration law of the People’s Republic of China, the sale and use of Chinese medicinal materials and herbal pieces not loaded into the Chinese Pharmacopoeia can be regarded as counterfeit drugs. In addition, the destruction of the drug, also have been found to contain "bovine derivedmaterials" gelatin, tortoise plastron glue, antler glue, the high price of medicine. Wang Mingquan told reporters, was detected cattle origin ingredients Ejiao, indicating that the production of raw materials may be mixed with cattle hide. Eating this kind of fake donkey hide gelatin not only has no tonic health effect, but also can cause poisoning seriously. Market supervision departments to remind consumers, purchase goods should try to fully licensed pharmacies, shops and other formal channels to buy. (reporter Yin Cong correspondent Xuan Wen)

宁波集中销毁超千万元假劣药械化妆品 假药可能致毒   中国宁波网讯 阿胶、龟板胶、鹿角胶等被掺入牛皮高价销售;铁皮石斛被未列入《中国药典》的廉价石斛“调包”……27日,宁波市市场监督管理局将近两年来收缴的各类假劣药品、化妆品以及医疗器械等商品进行了集中销毁,共计700余件,货值金额超过1200万元。   据市市场监管局稽查大队一科科长王明权介绍,此次销毁的药品、化妆品及医疗器械等被集中销毁的原因包括成分、品种与药品标准不符,未取得特殊化妆品批准文号或医疗器械注册证等。按照《中华人民共和国药品管理法》,销售使用未载入《中国药典》的中药材、中药饮片,可以认定为假药。   此外,本次销毁的药品中,还不乏被检出含“牛源性成分”的阿胶、龟板胶、鹿角胶等价格高昂的中成药。王明权告诉记者,被检出牛源性成分的阿胶,表明其生产原料中可能有牛皮混入。食用这类假阿胶不但没有滋补养生效果,严重的还可能导致中毒。   市场监管部门提醒消费者,选购商品时应尽量去证照齐全的药店、商店等正规渠道购买。(记者殷聪通讯员宣文)相关的主题文章:

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