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In central Mexico, San Miguel de Allende is virtually the only place where you will find English spoken so massively that you will not have to learn how to say two words in this beautiful language. If the rest of central Mexico looks interesting then you are going to have to get bilingual and learn to speak Spanish. What happened in San Miguel is beginning to happen where my wife and I have lived since 2003. Gentrification is happening at such a high rate of speed that I see Guanajuato turning into an other San Miguel in less than five years. The locals are beginning to sense the handwriting on the wall and are scrambling to hire Mexicans that are bilingual to ac.modate the Americans and other English only speakers who are moving into Guanajuato. This is how it began in San Miguel de Allende. When the word got out that it was cheap to live in beautiful San Miguel de Allende, the Americans swarmed in like locusts. They ran up the prices of everything you can imagine. And soon, the locals became bilingual. They had to in order to offer their services to the Gringo population that now numbers in the tens of thousands. That’s why you can go to San Miguel and live perfectly well (that is if you are Bill Gates rich) and never have a problem with the language. That’s happening now in Guanajuato. There are real estate agencies that are scrambling to hire bilinguals. There is also a fellow, with a website, who will, for a price, negotiate anything and everything for you since he is bilingual. If you do not speak a word of Spanish (a tragedy) and want to move to Guanajuato (an even bigger tragedy) then this guy is your man and he will take care of all of your Spanish needs. I list him for you as a matter of courtesy. I do not know him. All I know is that he offers this service: Want to Buy a House in Guanajuato City? Don’t have any ideas how to approach and deal directly with Mexican People? Afraid of being "abused" because you are not familiar with Mexican and Guanajuato Business Culture, Laws, Locations, Neighborhoods, and Language? Don’t worry!, we have the solution for you by offering: REAL ESTATE CONSULTANCY (We are NOT a Real Estate Agency, We work FOR You) Our Services Include: Arrangement of appointments, directly with Owners. Visits to the properties. Simultaneous Interview Translation (English to Spanish and Spanish to English). You can ask about anything that concerns you. Assessment on area or neighborhood growth potential, accessibility, .munications and services. Assistance in value assessment. Price Negotiation assistance and advice. Information concerning repair and remodel. Advise on Security and Safety issues in relation to locations. Services for coordinating purchase and the legal process. Price: Free initial interview (10 to 15 minutes). $15 US Dollars per hour, a partial hour counts as an hour, cut off on a daily basis. $15 US Dollars per week to local phone calling to coordinate appointments and search properties. Taxi fees when necessary. (From $3 to $6 US Dollars one way trip). Payments must be made on Fridays. We accept U.S. Dollars, Euros and Travelers Checks, no personal checks nor credit cards. Special rates apply for written translation and other services, please ask. Contact: Hugo Rodriguez. / Phone: 73 22383 (Within Guanajuato City) 011 52 473 73 22383 (From The U.S. & Canada) (+) 52 473 73 22383 (From Other Countries) English, French and Spanish Spoken. We accept U.S. Dollars, Euros and Travelers Checks, no personal Checks nor Credit Cards. I imagine more and more of these services .ing up in the weeks and months ahead. I was told recently that the list of gringos waiting for properties is longer than the available supply. It is sad. What will happen is the same identical thing that happened to San Miguel de Allende. The culture will be transformed by most rich monolingual Gringos who cannot, because they want not, to learn Spanish. The wife and I are looking for a place where Gringos would fear to tread as a new home. It ought to be very interesting. 相关的主题文章:

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