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Wang Yang: carry out the "million enterprise help million village" action to promote the rich first help to achieve common prosperity — Hubei channel — yesterday, vice premier of the State Council, head of poverty alleviation and development leading group of the State Council Wang Yang research in Hubei poverty alleviation and held in Huanggang to attend the "million enterprise help Wan Cun precise Poverty Action scene. He stressed that the private enterprises to carry out the "million enterprise help Wan Cun precise poverty action is the first money to help the rich and achieve common prosperity of vivid practice, to thoroughly implement the poverty alleviation and development work conference spirit, focus on the precise poverty alleviation, precise poverty, adhere to the market orientation, benefit coupling mechanism innovation, to ensure that the" million enterprise help Wan Cun the action carried out, to achieve tangible results. Since last year, the National Association of industry and commerce, LGOP and China will glory in the country to carry out the "million enterprise help million village", there are more than 22 thousand private enterprises through investment projects, job placement and other forms, set up twinning relationship with more than 21 thousand poor villages, promote the poor people out of poverty, poverty alleviation and enterprises to achieve a win-win situation the development of. Yesterday, Wang went to Huan Cun Hu Jia He Cun, Luotian County, the bird’s nest about helping poor villages of private enterprises, and entrepreneurs, cooperatives lead people, poor people to discuss ways of poverty. Wang Yang fully affirmed the "million enterprise help million village action achieved remarkable results. He stressed that the ten thousand enterprises to help the village action is an important measure to combat poverty, but also an important way for private enterprises to expand the development of space. Village enterprises twinning to local conditions, respect the autonomy of enterprises, as a result of the village households because of policy, focusing on poverty to mobilize the enthusiasm of the masses, stimulate endogenous development momentum. Private enterprises should play in the promotion of industrial development, to solve the unique advantages of employment, developing the special industry, providing employment opportunities and skills training to ensure that poor people out of poverty to achieve stability in solving the "two not sorrow, three security", gradually embarked on the rich road. Wang Yang stressed that local governments at all levels should take the "million enterprise help Wan Cun action and special poverty reduction, poverty alleviation industry with the deployment, with the implementation of the formation of poverty alleviation efforts. To implement preferential tax policies to guide financial institutions to increase fine, driven by poverty support for private enterprises to solve the financing difficulties of financing problems, timely summarize to popularize the experience can be replicated, will continue to help enterprises million million village "further action. Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee, acting governor Wang Xiaodong speech said, "million enterprise help Wan Cun precise poverty action scene will be held in Huanggang, fully embodies the love of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on the old revolutionary base areas and care about Hubei. At present, our province of poverty alleviation has entered kenyinggutou crucial drawn village of sprint, we will resolutely implement the general secretary Xi Jinping important speech on poverty alleviation and development, conscientiously implement the important speech of the State Council "enterprises million million to help village Deputy Prime Minister Wang and deployment requirements, and carry out thousands of enterprises, help thousands of villages out of poverty well-off precise poverty alleviation action, to mobilize private enterprises to participate in poverty alleviation and development. Further respect enterprise and the pioneering spirit of grassroots initiative, effectively stimulate enterprises and grassroots enthusiasm and creativity, focusing on the "quasi" and "reality", and effectively improve the accuracy and effectiveness of poverty alleviation, enterprise development and rural poverty reduction efforts to achieve a win-win situation, the formation of off)相关的主题文章:

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