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Vice chairman of Federation of Joe Wei: Overseas Chinese and the world is connected Chinese bridge – Beijing, Beijing, September 24th Harbin (reporter Wang Lin) "overseas Chinese hometown — in Heilongjiang" activities held in Harbin in 24, nearly 20 countries and regions, about 120 overseas Chinese were gathered in city. "Overseas Chinese Bridge and angel connection Chinese dream and the dream world." China Federation vice chairman Jovi said at the forum. "Overseas Chinese hometown" is an important part of the 60 anniversary of the establishment of the Federation Chinese commemorative activities in the series, the overseas Chinese into the deep historical and cultural Heilongjiang, attracted from the United States, Canada, Russia, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions to return to the hometown of overseas Chinese, to contribute to the revitalization of Heilongjiang economy. "The current China dream has been given the definition of globalization, overseas Chinese people living in the country is to promote the friendly exchanges and common development, China people’s unique strength." Chinese Federation vice chairman Jovi at the forum said: "the China Federation will give full play to the advantages of extensive overseas contacts, good situation more widely publicize the economic and social development of Heilongjiang in the majority of overseas Chinese, encourage more overseas Chinese to actively integrate into a new round of economic construction in Heilongjiang." In the freedom of speech, the Chinese have their own news "Longjiang dream", "Chinese dream" in Heilongjiang will play their respective power and China connection, connect with the world. In a heated discussion atmosphere, the Heilongjiang Provincial Committee, United Front Work Department Minister Sun Yao said: "the majority of overseas Chinese in a foreign country, but always caring for the motherland, love Xiang zi. You have always been an important resource and strength to promote the comprehensive and coordinated development of the cause of the motherland." In the afternoon, the overseas Chinese delegation visited the Japanese invaders in the 731 Army Museum, famous overseas Chinese enterprises on Jiuzhou Electric Co. Ltd., Harbin century central street, Sophia Architectural Art Square, and on the 25 day journey to Beijing, to be held in the Great Hall of the people of the "60 anniversary of the establishment of Chinese Memorial Federation activity". (end)相关的主题文章:

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