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Recipes One of the challenging aspects of running any business is to be 100% efficient and cutting waste; this is most critical for Banquet Hall or catering business. Nature of this business is that, you are dealing with most perishable products which have probably the least shelf life in most cases. It is not only Food and Beverages (F&B) items; is also true for most others, for example like flower decorations, table clothing and other reusable items. Maintaining some of the reusable items in its pristine condition costs money; which will eventually eats into the profits. So the key is the efficiency and reducing the waste to the lowest possible limits. Easier said, than done; because it takes lot of personal attention and well set processes that are practical enough to execute. In this vertical where you depend so much on human intervention and personal touch; it takes a toll if you are a standalone Party Hall or Reception Hall owner. If you are a chain or Hotel then you might have more resources to apply; then off course you will be dealing with a different set of challenges. Let us look at more in detail in the case of standalone Party Halls in Mumbai for example. By virtue of being cosmopolitan city, you are grappling with higher real estate costs; labor costs and the cost of materials one purchases. This makes it mandatory for Party Hall owners to have a definite plan to use their resources efficiently. For example; the quantities of groceries you purchase and having the ability to store them efficiently; yet preserving the freshness and taste. Such a challenging task; given the market fluctuations in vegetable prices and working with your customers to choose right menu taking into consideration the market prices. Thereafter having an efficient cooking staff that is trained to utilize the cooking materials in an efficient manner, where the wastage is minimized; would be critical. Then your serving staff is trained to efficiently deliver the food to the plate; where customer’s stratification is ensured and F&B delivered is consumed without much of a waste. Wow! Sounds like a daunting task, more or less like playing musical chair. Yes, it is serious business and being a Banquet Hall owner it is such a balancing act. One another big taxing item in this vertical is water; in most cities quality water is be.ing a major line item nowadays. Also meat, getting more and more expensive; especially sea food; which is more difficult to store for longer period of times. Milk is another item whose pricing is ever rising. Even though costs of diesel and petrol have .e down dramatically in the recent past; somehow it is not reflecting in the transpiration costs. Also managing to prepare right quantities of dishes; needs planning and experience; this is one of the most critical factors in controlling costs. As a byproduct of efficiency and reduced waste, you are also contributing less to garbage and helping clean environment. Thus the need for being more efficient and waste reduction! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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