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Time-Management UNC Greensboro wants a new pharmacy school UNCG chancellor Linda Brady believes a new pharmacy school would ease a statewide pharmacist shortage sneakers louboutin homme and would not create competition with UNCChapel Hill, which currently operates the only pharmacy school within the UNC system. Currently, the state’s drugstores, hospitals and other employers need more pharmacists than UNCCH and the state’s other two pharmacy schools at Campbell University in Buies Creek and Wingate University, near Charlotte, can produce. And Brady believes a new pharmacy school in her region would spark economic growth in the Triad. But at a time when UNC system leaders are cutting budgets, a costly new venture may be a tough sell, even if UNCG can prove the demand for new pharmacists exists. "It will take some convincing," said Harold Martin, the UNC system’s vice chancellor for academic affairs. "We will look at balancing compelling need against cost." A 2002 study by the Sheps Center for Health Services .sebagon.. Research at UNCCH found that the number of retail pharmacists per 10,000 citizens was decreasing even as the state’s population and the demand for prescription drugs was rising. And In 2005, a medical news louboutin femme pas cher magazine reported that chain drugstores across the nation had 6,000 unfilled pharmacy positions, according to a memo UNCG has submitted to the UNC system as part of its request for a new pharmacy school. (Click on attachment to read memo) But the situation is changing, argues Robert Blouin, dean of UNC Chapel Hill’s Eshelman School of Pharmacy. The state’s weak economy and a lessening demand from retail pharmacies will lead to decreased demand in .ing years, Blouin louboutin pas cher said, citing a recent decision by the Walgreens pharmacy chain to lay off 1,000 administrative workers. "For a public university, we have to be responsive to a need," Blouin said. "When you look at the demand equation, it’s changing. It has changed dramatically in the last six months." UNCG has not yet said precisely what the new venture would cost. But the university would hire at least 20 new faculty members and enroll 75 louboutin homme pas cher to 100 students per class, Brady said. Little vacant space exists to build on the UNCG campus so a refurbished downtown Greensboro space is the more likely location, she added. One key in the decisionmaking process: Are there enough learning opportunities at pharmacies, hospitals and other health care sites in the Greensboro area to ac.modate pharmacy students from UNCG and UNCCH? The latter already places students into these onthejob training sites in that area and around the state. "There are many clinical sites in the Triad so we would not be .peting head to head with Chapel Hill for those sites," Brady said. "We’re confident there are sufficient sites." UNCCH chancellor Holden Thorp said he and Brady are "on the same page" but still must be convinced. "We’ll have a lot of work to do to make sure we have enough clinical sites," he said. Association of Pharmacists, isn’t so sure about the availability of those practice locations. "We’re not growing clinical sites to the extent that enrollments are growing," Eckel said. "Three pharmacy schools in North Carolina have pretty much filled up our state’s practice sites . you add another school into the mix, it just .plicates that whole process." In 2002, a plan for a new pharmacy school at Elizabeth City State University also a UNC system campus was shelved after a consultant’s report showed the venture would be very costly. It eventually became a joint program through which students at Elizabeth City take UNCCH pharmacy courses using distance education. Martin, the UNC system vice president, said the Elizabeth City model may be a less costly alternative in this case as well. Brady, the UNCG chancellor, believes the demand is evident. UNCCH recently received 800 applications for 155 spots in one of its in.ing classes, while WIngate received 1,112 applications for 70 seats, according to oaklawncornerstone the UNCG memo. Since 2000, 28 new pharmacy schools have opened across the nation, including one Wingate in North Carolina, according to data from the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy. I just received my first Two Medicines of Percocet and Codeine and i am very impressed. Taking these Medicines i have removed my swear pain and i wake up this morning in very happy and fresh mood. I am now planning to order all my home need medicined through MycarePharmacy. These Medicines work very well and can be used in every age. My Care Pharmacy provides all products with high quality and at very reasonable prices. Now it is going to provide their product with 20% discount offer on the eve of Happy New Year. to know about Mycarepharmacy medicines I went to UNCG for my freshman year in 2007. It is a great school and all of their new improvements and programs are adding to the prestige. However, I do not think a new pharmacy program should be established. As someone who just got accepted to one of the pharmacy schools in NC, I know of the issues that Mr. Robert Blouin spoke of. In the past decade, the field of pharmacy became what is known for today; a highly soughtafter and respected professional career with a great salary. Because of its new found fame, the applications rose in an environment where the pharmacist shortage created limitless opportunities for hirement and job safety. Unfortunately, today’s economic climate has dampered many of those prospects. In most urban parts of the country, the shortage has be.e an oversupply (NC is not there yet, but may soon catch up). Older pharmacists are not retiring to keep their in.e, and chains like RiteAid are close to bankrupt. And the addition of those 28 new pharmacy schools (with many more planned) will churn out Doctor of Pharmacy degrees "like candy", which increases job .petition. and MBA diplomas are be.ing, with lower standards. Not that I’m saying UNCG would not accept but the brightest applicants and graduate them with all of the necessary tools, but there are already newer schools known within the profession that do just that. This is a disadvantage to the patients we treat. It is likely that pharmacy will christian louboutin homme never see a "Doomsday scenario", but nevertheless I am satisfied with the current programs in NC and am simply offering a perspective on behalf of soontobe and practicing pharmacists. Clearly, if more than 1900 people are vying for less than 225 spots at Wingate and UNC, there is a market for a new pharmacy school. I was put off by the the response made by the Dean at UNC’s pharmacy school. I have always been under the impression that public universities serve students and people who want to learn, not industries. His seemingly snide remarks seem to be from a defensive position and not only looking out for the wellbeing of our state. If the UNC pharmacy school doesn’t want .petition, admit more students. Otherwise, move over. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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