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U.S. media see the postal savings bank of Hongkong listed Chinese: cornerstone investment cited concern about Reference News Network September 25th U.S. media reported that the big banks are trying to China and slowing economic growth, bad debts increase and shrinking profits to fight. The "New York Times" website in September 22 published an article entitled "China postal savings bank IPO huge hidden worries" reported that, for two years by the world’s largest IPO, raised more than $7 billion, a China bank has from his friends for a little help. One insider said, in September 21st, one of the largest state-owned credit institutions China postal savings bank China, the IPO offering price of $0.61 per share, issued $7 billion 400 million worth of shares. The person is not authorized to publicly discuss its pricing. Alibaba in 2014 went to New York to market, the total amount of $25 billion to break the record of the world’s largest IPO, the IPO is the world’s largest single financing since then. Reported that only a small portion of its new shares will be held by non-governmental investors, because some Chinese state-owned enterprises have committed to subscribe for the majority of shares. The big IPO has given rise to the idea of a cornerstone investment, that is, to invite large investors to subscribe to a large number of shares before a company goes public. This practice is not common in other markets, but there has been more and more listed in Hong Kong China mainland state-owned enterprises favor — in order to ensure the smooth progress of the IPO, and government related enterprise subscription in Hongkong stock market is increasing. Some banks are inclined to adopt this approach because it helps to reach a deal. But it has also been criticized in the past, because it will allow investors access to IPO’s priority. Reported that, on the surface, this IPO will be reminiscent of the era of 10 years ago. At that time, the wave of China’s large state-owned banks to open overseas stock market has just emerged, many giant IPO attracted foreign funds and the eyes of Wall Street banks, so that investors are full of desire. The economic growth rate of two digit Chinese makes optimism about the country’s banks rapidly warming, ICBC, China Construction Bank, China China banks beat Citigroup, Bank of America (Citigroup) (Bank of America) and other veteran organizations, to become the largest bank in the world market. That optimism has now been replaced by growing concern about the problems of China’s traditional growth model. Chinese large bank shares has been lower than the value of the assets, earnings disclosure shows that investors do not believe the bank’s books, or that there will be more bad loans emerging from. Reported that the postal savings bank issued shares through the IPO, more than 75% were sold to the so-called cornerstone investors, that is, within the next six months do not sell the stock in exchange for the right to subscribe for the majority of buyers. The six cornerstone investors in the deal are all entities linked to the Chinese government. Postal Savings Bank of IPO, is in the Hongkong market, the situation is relatively dull IPO large arrival. These transactions are increasingly dependent on the cornerstone.相关的主题文章:

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