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Computers-and-Technology A transceiver is a piece of equipment that combines both a receiver and a transmitter. They share a single housing or a common circuitry. If by any chance there is no common circuitry between the receiver and transmitter, then the machine is known as a transmitter-receiver. The term initially came into use back in the year 1920. Technically speaking, it is essential that a transceiver merge a fair amount of receiver and transmitter handling circuitry. A few similar devices would be the repeaters, transverters, transponders and many others. A transceiver is a commonly used term and device in radio terminology and functions. It was very common to have the units separated. The ham radio operators used to set up their own devices, and it was easy to build and design a simple unit, having one feature as transmitting and receiving. The overall amateur modern radio devices in use are transceivers. At the same time, there exists an active demand for pure radio receivers. A perfect example of the transceiver would a CB radio or a walkie talkie. Eminent brands have come up with new age transceiver products that cater to the needs of customers and IT professionals. There are companies that specialize in Cisco compatible transceivers of superior quality. Transceivers can be categorized as- 1. IR transceivers 2. Optical transceivers 3. Cisco transceivers 4. Fiber transceivers Let us have a look at some of the transceiver product variants that are available in the market. Single Mode Fiber transceiver Features: 1. Hot Pluggable 2. 10GBASE-LR 3. Duplex LC Connector Interface 4. Connects to Single-Mode Fiber 5. 1310nm Wavelength Multi-Mode Fiber transceiver Features: 1. Complies with X2 Multi-Source Agreement 2. Advanced VCSEL laser, up to 300m reach 3. Digital Diagnostics Monitoring Interface Customer feedback suggests that this industry is expanding and is in a flourishing state. At the same time, these products are environment friendly and do not include any wasteful practices. As a result of this, it results in both customer and environmental benefit in daily operations. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章:

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