Tianjin man claiming to be able to do about 200000 yuan fraud Yaohao index kisstudou

Jin man claiming to can do Yaohao indicators of fraud about 200000 yuan with the implementation of Tianjin city car purchase policy, more and more people to join the Car Buying Yaohao Yaohao army go forward with great strength and vigour, but the index monthly real hard to solve the "go" situation, the high bidding cost and make a lot of people Car Buying timid and stopped, the supply and demand contradiction but in some criminals became a rich opportunity "". Recently, Tianjin city Wuqing District People’s Procuratorate for examination and prosecution of fraud together, the defendant Guo fiction that he has the ability to handle the car indicators of the facts, fraud has dozens of victims in a permit fee is required on the grounds, involving up to about 200000. At present, the case has been sentenced, the defendant Kwak was sentenced to seven years and seven months. Defendant Kwak has been guilty of fraud by the Wuqing District People’s court sentenced to one year, do not want to be released from prison after not only did not repent, but once again embarked on the road of crime. Guo from the prison every day since the fantasies can overnight. So Guo began to buy lottery tickets, from the beginning of the ten yuan to several hundred dollars, to tens of thousands of yuan, desire that he lost his hand, gradually savings ran out, he had the idea of buying lottery scam. He remembered that since the purchase of the car, one is hard to find, many people buy a car price index. Thinking for a long time, he will take the "I have relatives in the Traffic Management Bureau, can Car Buying index transfer bye, a Car Buying index only 6000 yuan a permit fee" as an excuse to start crazy scam. In 2014 October, a hotel Wuqing Guo Yang village to Tianjin City, posing as police identity card can handle its own fictional taxi passenger fact, on behalf of the processing fee, defrauding victims 18 thousand yuan, which in nominal hospital sick friend need money, defrauding victims 12 thousand yuan. In 2015 April and May, Guo Moumou to Wuqing Development Zone, a steel company, has its own fictional for freight car license, vehicle license plate index that to permit fee, affiliated fees in the name of defrauding victims of more than a total of 8900 yuan. Just a few months, more than 20 people being deceived by the lies, some people even once to buy dozens of indicators, involving up to about 200000 yuan, as of the incident, even some victims still don’t believe he cheated, still doing "through" low price index. To the defendant before the incident has been lied to all the money to buy lottery tickets. Daily news reporter Zhang Jiamin Zhuang Shumei correspondent Zhang Jing相关的主题文章:

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