This year the fund accounts record up to 12977 in recent months dropped significantly pretty rhythm

This year the fund accounts record up to 12977 in recent months, Sina dropped significantly in fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Original title: fund account products enter the deceleration channel Securities Times reporter Zhang Xiaocui with regulators continue to overweight and upgrade, has been in pre barbaric growth period the fund account business, began to show the trend is slowing down, the record number of products released from the fund industry association, some of the early rapid development fund subsidiary for the record number of monthly decline. Fund Industry Association released the latest data show that as of early September this year, this year the number of fund companies and subsidiary accounts record up to 12977, while last year the number was only 7720, an increase of up to 68.09%. But insiders, this explosive growth depends mainly on the first half of this year business increased, accompanied by the regulation continue to overweight, in recent months, the number of record account products have significantly declined. Data show that 6~8 months of this year, the number of accounts of the fund for the record were 1642, 1359, 1298, and in the half of September, the current record of the number of products is only 552, less than half of August the number of fund companies and subsidiaries in the field of business accounts "retreat" obvious signs, a lot of funds the company in recent months basically did not report any special products. Overall, business accounts is shrinking trend, but some still more eye-catching performance". Specifically, the scale of years ranked the top of Shenzhen Ping An UOB Huitong Wealth Management Limited, the number of products for 6~8 months were 91, 53 and 34, the number of products since September for the record is only 9, Ping An UOB Huitong wealth fund account in the field layout of monthly decline significantly. Coincidentally, a limited company of CCB capital management 662 billion 700 million yuan ranked years scale ranked third in the number of 6~8 month record products were 50, 35 and 31, the number of monthly filing products showed a marked decline, while in the half of September, the number of products the company record is only 15 only. Less than half the number of the same period last month. In this 20 companies, products for the most obvious is the decline in the number of capital Bo Boshi fund subsidiary, the company for the record number of products from 59 to June, 7 dropped to August, but after entering in September, the company also account for the field of "ask exhausted at the beginning of September, and so far only" for the 7 special products. But the number of fund subsidiary part size of the top of the filing of the accounts of the fund is still high. As the number of Cci Capital Ltd in August to ICBC Credit Suisse fund account products up to 146, almost 7 times in July 6, the number of reported. In addition, China Merchants Fund subsidiary of China Merchants Fund account business in the field of wealth is still more "radical", the number of accounts of the fund since September for up to 54 of相关的主题文章:

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