The women’s toilets found 20 thousand cash has been linked with the owner to know the new network in zhuxianduowan

The women’s toilets found 20 thousand cash has been linked with the owner to know the new network packet loss – market People are hurrying to and fro. toilets, found a bag, which is equipped with 20 thousand yuan in cash, what would you do in this situation? Ms. Wang will choose the first time the package to the market by the security department, Xiasha police station to contact the owner. Ms. Wang opened a shop, in Xiasha timber market in September 14th at noon, found a bag in her market public toilet. The package is hanging on the toilet partition hook, who should be on the toilet before the fall." Open the bag to see, Ms. Wang was shocked, which is not only equipped with more than 20 thousand yuan in cash, as well as several bank cards and identity cards and other documents. The loss of the market is not the merchant, is to come shopping customers, so much money lost, must be very anxious." So, Ms. Wang immediately took the package arrived at the market department, asking them to help find the owner. After that, the security department staff immediately contacted the police Xiasha, through information on the identity verification, to contact the owner. And when a call is received, the owner has returned home, she was completely unaware of their own lost a bag. Half an hour later, the owner rushed to the market the security department, by checking the package goods, after confirmation, get the lost bag. "The toilet so many people coming and going, and no monitoring, bag inside, really, this is really very hard to get it back, thank you very much." For Ms. Wang creditthat spirit, the owner does not stop to thank, also want to give some money to Ms. Wang expressed gratitude, but she was rejected. In fact, 20 thousand yuan is not a small amount of money, but Ms. Wang was returned without hesitation. She said: "it is not my money, I can not have a point, or a lifetime will not feel at ease." Newspaper reporter Yang Jian相关的主题文章:

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