The Real Da Vinci Code Leonardos Vitruvian Man Is A Code For Greater

UnCategorized This is an introduction to the practical application of the Vitruvian Man (Leonardo’s Da Vinci Man). The Vitruvian Man is a universal symbol for greater .munication, love, wealth, health and spiritual growth. Each of these themes are summarized here and developed in their own article. Leonardo said it best: "The outstretched arms and legs of a man form a square and a circle: the square symbolizes the solid physical world and the circle the spiritual and eternal. Man bridges the gap between these two worlds." –Leonardo Da Vinci, "The Magical Proportions of Man" Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man (the Da Vinci Man with four arms and four legs in a square and circle) is the most popular secular symbol in the world. My 10 years of research suggests that the Vitruvian Man is a universal symbol for greater love, relationships, success, health and the new age 21st century paradigm of indivisible wholeness, the paradigm for world peace. A New Renaissance! The Da Vinci Man is a universal translator between scientific models (represented by the Da Vinci Man in the square) and religious symbols (represented by the Da Vinci Man in the circle). Therefore, the Vitruvian Man (Da Vinci Man) is a bridge between science and religion. There are amazing similarities between the sacred geometry of the Da Vinci Man, Yin-Yang, Star of David, Tree of Life, Christian Cross, Angels and Kabbalah. Da Vinci devoted over 20 years of his life to the squaring of the circle, represented by the Vitruvian Man, his figure with four arms and four legs. Many believe it was Da Vinci’s greatest passion and he himself believed it would transform humanity. Da Vinci believed that the proportions of the human body were magical and the Da Vinci Man represented man (the microcosm) created in the image of God (the macrocosm). The Da Vinci Man Code identifies an overlooked pattern of indivisible wholeness (represented by the two cojoined Da Vinci forms) in nature and human behavior. If we can recognize this pattern, it will allow us to see God’s plan unfolding in our life. This is a unity or .plementarity of opposites, like Yin and Yang, found everywhere. This pattern will help us understand who we really are and help us to more easily achieve the love, wealth, health and spiritual growth we really want. Love and Relationships The two cojoined forms of the Da Vinci Man remind us that, in great relationships, a man is able to empathize with his own feminine nature and his partner’s (and vice versa). A couple working in partnership feels like they are united in one body with four arms and four legs, like the Da Vinci Man. .munication The two cojoined forms of the Da Vinci Man remind us that by "venting" what is bothering us, in a loving way, we are able to get to our clarity, .passion, gratitude, joy and wholeness. This allows us to be.e aware of solutions to any problems. (Always make sure to get permission before venting.) Health The two cojoined forms of the Da Vinci Man are the most popular symbol for health professionals because the Da Vinci Man represents balance and wholeness, the integrated personality. This inspires us to allow greater balance in our life between love and work, heart and mind, clarity and .passion. Success If you are "on your purpose" (represented by the Da Vinci Man in the circle), material benefits and the relationships you really want will .e to you (represented by the Da Vinci Man in the square). You can ac.plish your purpose (Da Vinci Man in the circle) with greater ease if your environment is very orderly (Da Vinci Man in the square). It is great to be able to see the big picture (circle) but it is also important to focus on the details (square). The two cojoined forms of the Da Vinci Man inspire us to focus on success. Obstacles can motivate us to our advantage, as stepping stones versus stumbling blocks. The two cojoined forms of the Da Vinci Man also inspire us to create a success team with others, allowing a "win-win" situation for all. This creates a synergy that allows us to make better decisions and improve our overall success. Spiritual Growth The Da Vinci Man in the square represents the material world. The Da Vinci Man in the circle represents the spritual world. This distinction is important, for we are reminded to be in the world but not of it. While living our "square" lives we can pray and experience union with God in the "circle", and thereby feel united with the Divine. The Da Vinci form in the square (the material world) is united with the Da Vinci form in the circle (the spiritual world). Whenever we want to feel close to God, we need to remember to stay connected to the Divine. The two cojoined Da Vinci forms also imply a balanced spirituality, roots to ground (Da Vinci Man in square) and wings to fly (circle). Also, by "allowing" (Da Vinci Man in circle), whenever we feel dis.fort (square), we are reminded that God is also there healing us, and we can experience His bliss within. God is carrying us, like "Footprints in the Sand." About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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