The public to donate 82 years ago in Wuhan for the first time the game began in new Wuhan illustrate ravbin

The public to donate 82 years ago Wuhan pictorial " " Wuhan for the first time the race started at Beijing 1934-??? Into the "cross the Yangtze River Museum"??? The newspaper news (reporter Wan Jianhui correspondent Liu Xiaojun) 1956, Mao Zedong wrote the famous song "water head in Wuhan swim the Yangtze River after swimming across the Changjiang River?". Because of the famous. However, many people do not know, before 1934, Wuhan has organized mass crossing game. Hankou is located in the marshland in "across the Yangtze River Museum" will be opened, 65 year old Zhou Qizhuang people on to the museum before a September 16, 1934 published "Wuhan pictorial magazine published news headlines, the picture is:" grand "Wuhan garrison headquarters established across the Yangtze River swimming competition held on the 9th in one hundred and thirty thousand the audience attention, font for the traditional, from right to left, also published a demonstration, the name of the photographer. Changjiang Daily reporter yesterday to see Zhou Qizhuang himself and he donated the newspaper office in Hankou marshland management. The newspaper yellow line for middle fold by the damaged, broken into two pieces of paper together. The picture looks is complete, the photographer in Wuchang River, shooting toward the Snake Mountain direction, little black river is a river near the head of a swimmer, dozens of ships escort, advancing along the diagonal opposite Hankou, the scene is quite spectacular. Zhou Qizhuang told reporters that the newspaper is found in the Chongren road antique market 10 years ago, he in 70s across the Yangtze River, know the value of newspapers, at the price of 1000 yuan to buy down, since the collection. According to reports, the 1934 Wuhan games, Zhang Xueliang is the organizer. The office of national historical and cultural city protection committee of Wuhan researcher Wang Hanwu told reporters that in September 9, 1934, Wuhan police brigade officers and soldiers have a passion for sports and sports circles jointly held the first swimming competitions across the Yangtze River in Wuhan, the starting point is located in Wuchang Hanyang gate pier, located in Hankou North terminal end point, the entire 5000 meters, there are 44 people attended across, 40 people arrive at the end point. Zhang Xueliang to give one side with Ju Huaqiang champion "turn the tide" yindun. The crossing of the Yangtze River, the two sides of the visitors, quite a moment of Sheng, was then called the newspaper across the feat". According to reports, in September 22, 1935 and in August 30, 1936, Wuhan also held the second and the third crossing the Yangtze River race, starting point, the end of the same as the first, the number of participants has increased. Published in September 16, 1934, "Wuhan pictorial photo by Li Yonggang相关的主题文章:

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