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Vacation-Rentals The Design World in Amsterdam Really, when so much freedom has been inculcated in a place, its no wonder that the mind can roam free without inhibitions of the conventional. Its no wonder then that the design and art world in Amsterdam has flourished in recent years, from the urbane designs to the more functional industrial designs in Europe. Amsterdam is home to the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, which is attended by some of the most talented students from all over Europe all here to learn the techniques of architecture, graphic design, fashion design, jewelry design and textile design with specialized departments such as ceramics and photography. Dont forget to take in the retail stores too as most artists have set up shop here. When in Amsterdam, check out the different shops all over the city such as Bebob Design in Prinsengracht, Droog at Staalstraat, Moooi Gallery, Pols Potten, Mobilia Woonstudio and The Frozen Fountain, all of which touch on different aspects of design from interior, lighting, baubles and inspirational pieces as well. Amsterdam as a Shoppers City Where do you go when you want the best shopping experience in Amsterdam, with everything from gadgets to clothes in one stop?Why, the 9 Streets of course. 9 Streets was named after the nine side streets which lead to the main canal, housing some of the quaintest shops in Amsterdam. For those who want to get some eye-catching designs, go to Donna Fiera or Goods. If youre looking for something a little more vintage and feminine, then check out Zipper or Laura Dols. But if its couture that youre looking for, head on directly to Razzamatazz where they carry the beautiful designs of Vivienne Westwood, Dexter Wong and Beirendonck. For some accessories and jewelry supplies, try the charming store, Beadies. And for kitchenware, check out Whats Cooking?After all that shopping, try stopping by their many beautiful restaurants, cafes and dessert shops. Van Harte is a French- Mediterranean Restaurant while Urban Picnic is a shop slash restaurant in one or you can also try De Pels, which is a great hangout place for artists and their students, a great way to take in the scene while youre having dessert or coffee. Learning the Ropes of Winemaking at the Amsteltuin Vineyard Amsterdam nowadays is congested with so many businessmen, tourists and locals going about their busy lives, so when you want an easy escape from the glaring city life, go to the nearby village of Amstelveen. De Amsteltuin or Amsteltuin Vineyard is one of the very few Dutch vineyards existing and is the only one very close to Amsterdam that has different wine-related activities such as workshops and wine courses. Request for a group tour in advance in order to see the full capacity of the vineyard. The grapes in the vineyard are still under experimentation as of now, conceptualizing which wine is best made with the grapes, so wine tasting sessions will have to be under special request. If youre lucky, a lunch buffet or barbecue can also be done. In the meantime, one can just sit back and relax on the different open patios and terraces with a wine in hand and the vineyard as the picturesque backdrop. Coincidentally, the vineyard has also been transformed into a care centre for the disabled. Searching for Different Architectural Fancies in Amsterdam Structure enthusiasts, students and professionals alike will surely be surprised at the many offerings Amsterdam has in terms of architecture found at Oostelijk Havengebied. The Eastern Docklands is home to many impressive modern structures which are all functional to the people residing there. Functional buildings such as the Passengers Terminal Amsterdam receive tourists and locals who are going to or .ing from a cruise with open arms with an impressive all glass structure made to look like a wave. Next, visit Loods 6 which is an impressive structure that was collaborated by Horn and van den Steene among others and was once the departure hall of the Royal Dutch Steam Ship .pany. Music Building on the IJ is another beautiful modern piece that is home to different concerts for almost any music genre with a caf and restaurant beside the water. But the most functional of all is the Pythonbug, a red bridge which looks like it is slithering on the waters of Amsterdam. Happy Browsing! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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