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Mobil-Computing The new iPhone 5 is here and ready for order. The device comes with a number of improvements and is a mixture of evolution with a little bit of revolution. So, here are ten things you need to know before changing your mobile phone deals and queuing outside the Apple Store. Body Apple calls it the most beautiful device they have ever made, but is it? Well, the phone is lighter by 20% and is also slimmer by nearly 1mm and is now only 7.6mm thick. It is significantly lighter than the previous phones from Apple, though is also longer. Made from aluminium and glass, it certainly looks attractive. Display The display is now a 4inch one, which is half and inch larger, though is only bigger lengthways. It however, still maintains the retina display and is a 326ppi screen. Add to this the introduction of five rows of apps when you make a phone comparison to the 4S which had 4 and a 1136x640p display and it’s an improvement. Camera The device has the same camera as before and also comes with low light snapping, a better lens and an image processor which will reduce noise and adds additions such as panoramic shots and the ability to face time is gone up to 720p. Processor The new A6 chip replaces that of the A5 found in the 4S and iPad 2. Apple claims it is twice as fast as the A5 chip and offers better graphics. It also is said to prolong battery life, even though it is more powerful. So, expect better games and apps to launch faster than the previous device. Connectivity The device is strong on the connectivity stakes and when you compare mobile phones with most others the addition of LTE is a big deal. This allows for far faster downloading, streaming and browsing, though will not be available in the UK until near Christmas, with no time set yet for Ireland. The new iPhone 5 also comes with better Wi-Fi technology and also a NANO SIM. Battery We’ve already mentioned how the phone is more powerful and how the new processor uses less power, well you should see around 8 hours talk time and 10 hours browsing with the device, which is slightly more than that of the previous iPhone 4s when you compare phones. Microphones Call quality is set to improve with the new device as it now as three microphones. These will improve the Siri functionality too. Add to this improvement in the ear piece and other leaps and it should be the best iPhone 5 to call off ever. OS The new IOS is for a September 19th release and it really could make all the difference here. However, we’ll have to wait for the tweaked and changed operating system to arrive. It is claimed it was built around the new phone, so we’ll see if this makes it a wow feature. We do know of improvement to Siri, a new Apple maps which is aided by TomTom and the addition of FaceTime over 3G. Connector The new connector replaces the 30 pin device found on all Apple products for a while now. It is around 80% smaller and also faster and more suitable to reduce the size of the phone according to Apple. Apple has also included an adaptor so all 30 pin products will work without issue. Price Expect the price to be the same as it would be for the Apple iPhone 4S and the price of the old product to fall by around a quarter. It looks like it won’t be cheap but compare mobile phone deals and see what fits in best with your needs. About the Author: The Article is written by Cormac Reynolds at which lists and compares mobile phone deals and mobile broadband deals in Ireland. Compare O2 Mobile Phones, Vodafone Mobile Deals, Mobile Phones and Deals. Visit for more information. Copyright information. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章:

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