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Exercise When men start weightlifting they are usually out to get the six back abs, ripped arms, and bulging muscles that make them look manly and strong. For women, weightlifting is typically done in the pursuit of toned, firm bodies that lack flabby fat. The goals are usually different but when it .es down to the advantages of weightlifting it doesn’t really matter whether you are male or female. 1. You will be less prone to injuries in your daily life The best benefit is reducing the chance of injuring yourself while moving about in your daily life. You will be able to jump off the floor to chase your toddler or bending down repetitively on the job without worrying about pulling a muscle. Weightlifting increases the health, size, and strength of every muscle in the body which will provide better support to the joints. This means people who lift weights on a regular basis have healthier muscles that are less likely to be.e injured and more capable of preventing injuries to other parts of the body. 2. You will be able to move around way better Your daily life will also be enhanced by ease of movement. When a little one wants to play duck duck goose you won’t have to struggle to get off the floor to chase them. When your teenager wants you to go out for run or walk you will be able to do so without huffing and puffing or worrying them that you’ll have a heart attack before you make it back home. Everyday movements such as carrying a basket of laundry up the stairs be.e much easier when your muscles are fit and strong. 3. You will look smaller. If you want to lose weight, it is important to realize that weightlifting can make you look much smaller even before you reach your target goal. People with muscles tend to look much thinner than those who have less lean muscle mass. In fact, you could take people who weigh 10-20 pounds different and in many cases the one that weighs more will look just as small if not smaller than the lighter person. This is because they have more lean muscle mass and less fat than the other person, even though they weigh a bit more. 4. You will be able to keep weight loss off long term Studies have proven that people who use weightlifting as part of their weight loss routine are more likely to keep their weight loss off long term. This is a big advantage to weightlifting since so many people regain most of their weight within a year of losing it. Weightlifting increases lean muscle mass which in turn increases your metabolism. Since your metabolism predicts how many calories you burn even while you are just sitting around, the faster it goes the easier it keeps weight off. If you continue weightlifting after reaching your goal weight, you will keep that faster metabolism and have a great chance of keeping weight off. #5: You will have less risk of developing osteoporosis. Studies are now showing that weightlifting can reduce your chances of developing osteoporosis. This is just the icing on the cake for most people! About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章:

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