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Computers-and-Technology One of the most effective methods to increase the uninterrupted period of a telephone work is to replace the source of energy. It is possible to buy higher capacity cell phone batteries that provide more talk time and stand by time between calls. High capacity batteries do weigh a little more, so they might not be the best choice for those wanting a featherweight cell phone. If there is no such battery for a certain model of the phone one can purchase another standard battery in case the basic has discharged. So, Replace your original battery or keep an extra battery on hand as a backup for you. Type and capacity characteristics must be taken into consideration when selecting a battery. Nowadays different types of batteries are available in the market. Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) is the least expensive of rechargeable batteries, but suffers from inherent shortcomings like memory effect. Here, if the battery is not fully drained before recharging, the unused portion crystallizes hence the complete capacity of the battery is not fully used. The Ni-Cd battery, which originated in the generation of black and white display mobile phones, is loosing its position in the market. The NI-MH battery also has little demand nowadays. The colour display generation leads to wide application of Li-ion battery (Li-ion). The prime advantage of these batteries over NiMH is that they hold more energy for same weight and volume. Therefore, Li-ion batteries are much smaller and thinner in comparison. Also, they don’t have any inherent memory effect. The only disadvantage is that they cost more than others. Li-Po battery is the most new type available for your mobile phone. Li-Po batteries have evolved technologically from Li-ion batteries. A significant advantage of these batteries is that manufacturers can shape the battery almost however they please, which is very important to mobile phone manufacturers constantly working on smaller, thinner, and lighter phones. Many latest phones use these types of batteries. Their limitation is lower energy density and decreased cycle count compared to Li-ion. They are also expensive to manufacture – once mass-produced, the Li-ion polymer has the potential for lower cost. Capacity of a battery is another index of a telephone quality. 600-800 mAch is an average index for ordinary phones. More modern models like smart phones and pocket pc are applied with batteries capacity reaching 1500 mAch. Mobile phones manufactured by different companies support differently designed and developed batteries. But frankly speaking not many manufacturers at present time supply batteries with high capacity. Motorola company offers a few variants of High Capacity ion-lithium Battery for the popular series of V300/v500/v600/v620/v80/ E398, capacity ranging- from 750 to 1100 mA*ch. You can significantly increase your talk time with Nextel i760 cell phone batteries. With Nextel i760 cell phone extended battery you can chat with friends and family longer than with a standard cell phone battery. Motorola also boasts Maximum Capacity Battery for Nextel i870 i875. It’s up to 420 Minutes Of Talk Time Or up to 150 hours of standby time in digital mode. Also Siemens famous lately for the small terms of continuous work of its telephones, at the beginning of 2006 made users happy, producing the model of Me75, with a battery on 1000 mA*ch. BlackBerry Company comes with a great battery. The BlackBerry 1000mAh Battery (C-S2) used in many BlackBerry devices is reliable. On the 8700c it usually keeps going for 4 to 5 days. For those of you who speak hours and hours on the phone everyday, you will definitely want to consider the Extended Batteries. Instead of the regular 1000mAh, you can get up to 1800mAh providing anywhere from 60% to 80% more talk time. If the term of non-stop work for you is critical, you should pay attention to Nokia 6310i and 1100 (a week without charge) or the Philips Xenium that boasts best-in-class battery performance. It’s almost 2 weeks without charge! So its possible to choose long lasting battery although you must be aware that it will cost and weigh more than average. The question of continuous mobile phone work stands as never sharply today. By 2006, the colour display phone dominated the market. Along with the frequent appearance of camera phones and multimedia phones, functions of photo shooting, receiving and sending multimedia messages, and downloading high-capacity games are used more and more often. However, facing the more powerful 3G mobile phones, battery capacity is obviously insufficient. Mobile phone batteries tend to be lighter, thinner and higher capacity. Various new battery types such as fuel cell, Zinc-air and solar cell are in the R & D process. AugustaM Sourcing LLC is a leading manufacturer and distributor of premium quality battery technology products. While worldwide customers require a partner who can reliably meet their demands for high-quality batteries at very competitive prices AugustaM Sourcing LLC provides high-quality, high-performance battery products at the lowest possible cost that could be delivered at the required time. You can take advantage of services from this internet shop if you want to buy new battery – AugustaMBattery is a useful address for you. The company produces Wireless Phone Batteries including Motorola-iDen Batteries, Nextel-iDen Batteries, RIM-Blackberry Batteries and Spectralink and Nortel Batteries. Its product range includes aftermarket replacement battery packs and charging solutions for portable devices such as Two Way Radios, Speciality Phones, Barcode Scanners, Barcode Printers, and Laptop Computers. All batteries are precision-engineered and rigorously tested for voltage, capacity, compatibility and safety to meet or exceed OEM specifications. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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