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The five Airlines ticket agency fee to zero JINGWAH Times News (reporter Hao Shaoying) following the Civil Aviation Administration issued a prohibited ticket sales service charge after yesterday, Hainan Airlines, Air China, China Eastern Airlines, Hongkong airlines, 5 airlines have announced the international and regional passenger ticket agent zero fee. Just days before the Civil Aviation Authority issued a notice, prohibited sales agents to any service outside the passenger ticket price plus an extra fee, the airline canceled the international and local ticket agency fee. Hainan Airlines announced that domestic sales agents adjust the flight date in Hainan international and regional January 1, 2016 ticket. China’s departure from overseas or Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan passenger ticket, ticket agency fee is zero; sales of overseas or Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan origin of individual passenger ticket, agency fee is zero. Hongkong Airlines yesterday announced that since March 1st, the mainland sales agent with 851 votes in the ticket by, agency fee adjustment, all GDS (global distribution system) shows that freight agency fees were adjusted from 1% to Chinese net; a small amount of promotional single freight agent, display fee is 1%, the price of a single will not be adjusted until the automatic stop. In addition, Air China, China Eastern Airlines, Shanghai Airlines will also separately Chinese mainland market based international ticket sales agency fee from 1% down to zero. In fact, many airlines including Air China, China Southern Airlines last year, China Eastern Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, cancel the ticket agency fee, but most of the domestic routes to cancel the agency fees, including Air China, airlines re adjustment of agency fees, namely the domestic and international airline agent fees are adjusted to zero, can be said that the real ticket agency fee enter the "zero yuan era". Airlines have reduced agency fees to zero, and it is difficult for some small ticket agents to survive. A domestic ticket agent said, ticket agents need to pay huge money, if not easy to reserve capital chain rupture, now no agency fees, ticket sales and reach the level, get sales incentives, almost no living space. From the consumer’s point of view, the cancellation of agency fee does not have a significant impact on the current ticket price. Ticket agency fees are very low in fares. – related low-priced tickets sold JINGWAH for China Southern Times News (reporter Hao Shaoying) in order to attract passengers to buy tickets in the official channels, announced the day before the southern part of the route, 60 percent off discount tickets will be on the official channel exclusive sales, this has brought some benefits as consumers, has caused some agents of discontent. China Southern Airlines refers to the official channels, including China Southern Airlines official website, APP, official WeChat. "China Southern Airlines" WeChat public number lists 35 domestic routes, the price of the ticket is basically 80 percent off to 73% off, applicable to the flight date after March 27th flights. For South China this new regulation, some airline agents issued a proposal, called on counterparts boycott South China, because under the new regulations in Southern Airlines, ticket agents will have no right to see the discount ticket below 60 percent off, but also no right to sell. The industry believes that the determination of the transformation of aviation enterprises is obviously great, in 8

五家航企将机票代理手续费降为零   京华时报讯(记者郝少颖)继民航局发文严禁销售机票加收服务费后,昨天,海航、国航、东航、上航、香港航空5家航空公司先后宣布国际及地区客票代理手续费降为零。   民航局日前刚下发通知,严禁销售代理企业向旅客额外加收客票价格以外的任何服务费,各大航空公司就取消了国际及地区客票代理手续费。   海航方面宣布,调整国内代理商销售的航班日期在2016年1月1日后的海航国际及地区客票。中国始发至境外或港澳台地区散客客票,机票代理费为零;销售的境外或港澳台地区始发的散客客票,代理费为零。   香港航空昨天宣布,自3月1日起,对内地销售代理人以851票本填开的客票,代理费进行调整,所有GDS(全球分销系统)显示运价代理费均由1%调整为净价;中国地区有少量的促销运价单,显示代理费是1%,这些价单将不做调整直到自动截止。   另外,国航、东航、上航也分别将中国大陆市场国际客票销售基础代理手续费从1%下调至零。   实际上,去年已有包括南航、国航、东航、厦航在内的多家航空公司取消了机票代理费,不过大多取消的为国内航线代理费,此次包括国航在内的航空公司再度调整代理费,即国内国际航线代理费全部调整为零,可以说机票代理费真正进入了“零元时代”。   航空公司将代理费降为零,对于一些小机票代理商来说目前的生存条件颇为艰难。一国内机票代理商表示,机票代理商需要垫付巨额的票款,如果储备金跟不上很容易资金链断裂,现在代理费也没有了,机票销售又达不到量级,拿不到销售奖励,几乎没有生存空间。   从消费者角度来说,取消代理费实际上对现行的机票价格不会产生很大影响。机票代理费在票价中所占比例本身就很低。   ■相关   南航低价机票仅供直销   京华时报讯(记者郝少颖)为吸引旅客在官方渠道购买机票,南航日前宣布,部分航线4折以下优惠机票将在官方渠道独家销售,此举虽为消费者带来了一定益处,却引发了部分代理商的不满。   南航所指官方渠道,包括南航官网、APP、官方微信。“中国南方航空”微信公众号列出了35条国内航线,机票价格基本在2折至2.7折左右,适用于出行日期在3月27日以后的航班。   对于南航这一新规,已有部分机票代理人发出倡议书,呼吁同行抵制南航,因为在南航新规下,机票代理商将无权查看到4折以下机票的折扣,更无权销售。   业内人士认为,航企转型的决心显然很大,在航企转型的大背景下,其他航空公司很有可能效仿南航。 责任编辑:乔雷华 SN098相关的主题文章:

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