The Elise Performance Vs.

UnCategorized If you want a high-performance sports car that is smart, cool and stylish and you are not worried about comfort or practicality then perhaps the Lotus Elise is the car for you. It was born in early 1994 and eventually released on the market in September 1996. It was named after ‘Elisa,’ the granddaughter of the chairman of Lotus at the time of the cars launch – Romano Artioli. Available in three models, the Elise S, the Elise R and the Elise SC (supercharged) you have plenty to choose from. Lotus re-designed their little roadsterin 2000 and then re-shaped in 2008 to give us the current models. When you set out to buy a sports car you probably won’t be looking for a practical family car anyway. But there are varying degrees of practicality; on one level you can buy a sports car that is only suitable for a sunny Sunday afternoon or you can buy one that will get you to and from work each day whilst looking that extra bit special. The Lotus Elise is one of those sports cars that is more suited to a sunny Sunday afternoon. Its sculpted bodywork coupled with the sound of the twin exhaust will undoubtedly turn heads as you drive off along the windy country roads. The sporty little number is lightweight and agile making for a pleasurable driving experience. However, you have to be prepared to compromise on space, comfort and the "noisy" cabin. Once on the motorway the noise can get quite loud – but if you want a high-performance sports car these are the compromises you have to make. The lack of space inside the car may prove to be the biggest problem if the Elise is your only car – particularly when it comes to your weekly food shop! Be prepared to fork out a hefty insurance fee if you decide this is the car for you, although you can now pick up a second-hand Lotus Elise for around 15,000GBP. Compared to other sports cars that fee isn’t too bad, especially when you consider the exhilarating driving experience you can soon look forward to. The driving experience you get with the Lotus Elise will not disappoint you – the issue of practicality may prove to be the problem. If you’re after a second car then go for it, if it is your only car then you will need to decide; performance or practicality? About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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