The effect of family education of children the breakdown of Sino US father raising baby difference

The effect of family education of children: the breakdown of Sino US father raising baby difference according to the survey, the United States 30 years ago one million millionaires is 10 times more than the number of Chinese, a large gap between people be struck dumb. Regardless of American millionaire, before the age of 30 has been mostly successful or in stable stage. According to media interviews, these successful people invariably said he was a child by the parents of varying degrees of influence, it can be seen that a good family education for children in the future is very critical. Today, we look at the differences between American and Chinese dads. Differences between Chinese and American Dad, 99% China dad read silence (a) Chinese father often said: go, while playing, I tired! American Dad often said: what is the baby playing? Dad and you play together? (two) when the father of China has free time: meet with his brother, play games, drink wine, and will not bring children. American Dad has free time: family, friends and relatives gathering, watching the game, what to do before you can take the child to consider. (three): China treat overtime and overtime, can not sleep. The United States to work overtime: I see if there is no need to work overtime, the weekend would like to accompany the child! (four) Chinese father, the child did wrong: how do you like the mother! American Dad will comfort the child and his wife at this time: nothing, I have to deal with, do not worry. (five) Chinese dad, children crying in the night, it will push up next to the mother: you go to see how the American Dad, is often the first to wake up at night when the child crying. (six) China dad for a job to go into exile, or simply the couple working outside, the children to grandparents raising. The United States will try to settle down once the father is not home, really want to go, will go to family. (seven) Chinese father often go out to socialize, you have to go, you can go to the general will go. The United States after the father rarely socialize after work, in the United States, if the other side has a child, but you take up his off time, just to eat a meal, is not a very considerate thing. Today, the increasingly fierce social competition, and the nature of this competition is the personal quality of competition, is the ultimate result of personnel training. A person from to the general assembly by two kinds of education, family education and social education. The significance of family education is obvious, it shapes the child’s moral character, character quality embryonic form, indirectly determines the child in the future life can be achieved. Our parents in China should pay enough attention to family education and be responsible for their children’s future. This article from "enbn technology" Sina blog, click here to read the full text. Sina education parents class!! The classroom curriculum: August 2nd "parents apply for U.S. schools, children also need to customize the program 4" [] "the August 4th Qilian Mountains dry cargo for their undergraduate study in" Xu Yi [August 9th] "the dry cargo to apply for U.S. schools, how to choose the new SAT ACT examination fee相关的主题文章:

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