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UnCategorized Everyone knows the phenomenal success of facebook, a social networking website. The clean design and great functionality of the facebook script lead to its success. Face book provides great privacy features, allowing the user to control what is publicly displayed. Some of the great features offered by facebook script are: Wall: This feature allows users to post messages on friend’s profile pages. It is a great way to post short and unimportant messages to friends. But these messages written on walls can be seen by other friends. Personal messages should not be written on the wall. Wall also displays the date and time, when the message is posted. Photo and video uploads: The facebook script allows users to upload photos and videos without any virtual size limit. Facebook has almost 2 billion photos of its users occupying 200 terabytes of space. Users can add tags to their photos and post .ments on their friend’s pictures. Pictures are categorized into albums. It also allows users to share their videos with friends and family. Users can upload videos directly or through facebook mobile or using webcam recording. Users can add tags to their videos and sort them by categories. Notes: This feature offers blogging service to its users. Users can add tags to their blog and post images. It also allows users to import their old blogs from other similar websites offering blogging services into Notes. Another popular features offered by notes is 25 random things about me .In this feature users can says 25 random things about themselves, which their friends don’t know. They can also request their friends to do so by tagging them. Gifts: Virtual gifts feature was added to facebook in February 2007.These gifts are nothing but beautiful icons. Users get a free gift when they sign up for the website. Users can select the gifts from facebook virtual shop for one dollar and gift it to their friends with an ac.panying message. These gifts are also displayed on the friend’s wall. All the gifts received by the user can be seen in gift box. The facebook script allows users to send private gifts to their friends. Some free gifts are made available to users during special film promotions. Free classified ads: The market place feature in facebook allows users to post free classified ads relating to jobs, sales, finance, housing etc. Poke: The poke feature is used to say hi to friends. Some applications convert pokes to hugs or kicks etc. Poke wars are .mon, where the user who gives up poking last is the winner. Status updates: This feature was introduced in facebook script on the lines of twitter. Users can update their status messages which reflect their feelings and what they are doing at the moment. The most recent update is displayed on the top. Events: Events provide the fastest way to inform your friends about a party you are hosting in the form of this feature. You can indicate whether the party is a closed event or an open one. You can also display information about the host of the party, location, date and time of the party. Networks and Groups: Facebook allows its users to form networks and groups. Users can also join an existing .munity. It is a great way for people to gather online and share information or discuss about specific subjects. This feature can also be used by individuals, .panies, social groups etc. A user cannot create more than 200 groups. Facebook script also offers a feature to create public fan pages. Users can show their interest by joining the fan pages of .panies or celebrities or films. They can also receive updates when the fan pages are updated. Chat: This feature was introduced in facebook in April 2008.Users can chat with only their friends individually or simultaneously. Many popular instant messengers support this chat feature. News feed: This feature in facebook script allows users to keep track of their friend’s activity on facebook. It alerts users about changes in profiles, events and birthdays. It also provides privacy feature to hide some update from friends. API: Facebook script launched its API which allows developers to build new applications on the top of facebook. Many developers launched games using the API which became a huge success, earning them huge money. It will be no surprise that facebook will dominate social .working due to its unique features. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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