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The automobile industry "" how to turn overtaking no deviation? Look at this book – Sohu automobile original link: micro signal: GeekCar Chinese on the automobile industry, everyone said "new energy vehicles" and "intelligent wanglian car" is a good opportunity to turn to overtake. In fact, at the national level, has taken note of this trend. Recently, the State Council Development Research Center, China Automotive Engineering Society and the Volkswagen Group jointly issued a "2016 China Automotive Industry Development Report". In the early years, the three party began co publishing automobile blue book, is now ninth, so this is more like a "new" in calligraphy. In order to release the industry reports, conference organizers invited many industry veterans, including former deputy director of the State Council Development Research Center, Liu Shijin, chairman of the society of Automotive Engineers China Fu Yuwu etc.. The public participation in the preparation of the report, mainly involving intelligent cars, new energy vehicles and other network content, reviews the past and future. Fu Yuwu said at the press conference: "intelligent network of automobile is an interdisciplinary, cross sectoral, cross disciplinary and cross regional industry. If the traditional automobile industry is scattered aggregation, intelligent network of car is more like a piece of ecological network, universality, innovation and complexity of its influence is hitherto unknown. Policy level, the need to strengthen inter departmental coordination, improve policy effectiveness. On the industry level, the backbone of the industry and the emerging subject, all need to take a more open attitude, the reconstruction of the automobile industry chain, value chain and innovation chain, will be an important pilot project intelligent network common development of the automobile industry for the country’s manufacturing power strategy. "In addition to the intelligent network of car, the report also analyzes the current existing problems in the field of new energy vehicles, for example, cheat up local protection policies etc.. In short, the current automotive media attention of the news, this book covers the basic. In the press conference, the deputy editor of the book said that if you only have 2 minutes to read this book, you can directly turn to the book’s twenty-sixth page. The twenty-sixth page reads as follows: for the general public, the joint domestic research institutions to publish industry reports, you can better grasp the development trend of domestic cars. In fact, compared with foreign countries, China seems more interested in the promotion of new energy vehicles and intelligent network technology, and the huge market potential. In fact, the joint study of car prices issued a research report, is not a public patent. In addition to the general public, TOYOTA two days before the China Automotive Engineering Association jointly issued a report, the same is a thick book. If you are interested in this report, can be directly found a treasure name, no longer spoilers here… In this paper, GeekCar original works are welcome to reprint. Reproduced please indicate the author at the beginning of the article and source from GeekCar, and attached to the original link, shall not modify the original content, otherwise we will report processing, thank you for your cooperation! GeekCar, automotive technology R相关的主题文章:

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