The Apple Iphone 4 Now Offers

Arts-and-Entertainment The Apple iPhone 4 now provides multi-tasking for both seasoned and novice users to the esteemed handset series for easy switching between the thousands of apps available, listening to music while performing other tasks and downloading yet another app while using another. It also includes a 5 megapixel main camera with LED flash as well as a front camera for FaceTime video calling. The handset offers great connectivity through Bluetooth 2.1 with enhanced data rate along with the 30-pin dock connection for charing and syncing to a .patible PC or Mac.. It also has a 3..5mm jack connection for headphones alongside the integrated microphone and speaker. On the left side within the new stainless steel band surrounding the revised overall design of the handset, there are still two dedicated volume keys and a silent key to silence ringing. The power and sleep or wake button is still situated on top, as is the Home button at the bottom centre of the front. To the top left corner on the front is a dedicated camera for video calls through a new FaceTime app. The retina display enhances the 3.5 inch multi-touch screen with the highest pixel resolution and density of any mobile phone so far, with a 326 pixels per inch resolution, everything including all the third-party apps available for download by the user can be brought to a unique clarity and colours. The screen also includes two layers of extra strong and durable glass which is scratch resistant too. iPhone 4 still provides threaded messaging capabilities .bined for both text and multimedia messaging as well as the Mail app for push email from multiple accounts and the fast Safari web browser to surf webpages with. The handset is still also an iPod offering simple touch to scroll through the coverflow display of albums and tracks along with track information and album artwork and all can now be played in the background while using other apps. The handset features much greater language support than before, as well as new accessibility features including greater keyboard and dictionary support in more languages , and it can also be connected to an external keyboard. Meanwhile, the VoiceOver feature now makes it possible for the user to hear notices and listen to the text on-screen with this powerful screen reading functionality available in 21 languages available with the new iOS 4 operating system. Once again, the Apple iPhone 4 is set to be a major phenomenon and another gauntlet thrown to other mobile phone manufacturers with new and unique technologies now offered, while also adding multi-tasking and improved camera options. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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