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Suzhou narcotics situation: posing as police and drug traffickers with millions of cash "transaction" – Beijing recently released movies, the most popular piece of non gangster "action" is the Mekong river. Among them, the police undercover investigation, drug traffickers and fancy car chase, carrying cash and drug trading and other exciting plot, so many viewers long aftertaste. In fact, the excitement of the drug scene, a lot of time on our side happened. For example, the disclosure of the Suzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau narcotics detachment before the drug scene: Police disguised with millions of cash transactions, drug traffickers and drug traffickers on a cross-country bike ride a police car fled, police head "tattoo" after the bath hall child with drug traffickers…… Despite the numerous difficulties and dangers of the anti drug police and drug traffickers, the battle of wits, they eventually captured. Yangzi Evening News correspondent Xiao Yu all media reporter Yu Yingjie big 1 drug traffickers opened SUV out police metal matrix results: arrested movie: "a car chase in the Mekong River action", the criminal police found a bayonet, mad dash points, then suddenly flick, the four round of 360 flight speed under the bridge, eventually Zhang Hanyu and Eddie Peng drove a red cross a road chase, knocked in the jungle. The reality version of "racing so thrilling chase had really happened in Suzhou." At the time of the Suzhou anti drug police get clues, find the car dealer, and the dealer is in the car. In order to implement the arrest, the police mobilized many cars from around the vehicle blocked by drug traffickers. Who knows, the police just get ready to close, the car dealer suddenly started the car, mad before and after. Three or four back and forth, turn around the car broke down, then there is a foot throttle speed reversing, rushed out of the encirclement. In order to quickly escape, drug traffickers in the pulled out of a distance, rapid flick turn, just like in the movies as like as two peas. At this time, a policeman forgot about their own safety, in order not to let the drug escape, he took the car to turn tail moment of drug traffickers, jumped to seize the driver’s door handle, the door open to. The door locks automatically. Just one or two seconds after drug traffickers turn retrograde racing success in the fast lane. The policemen clutching the door handle, the whole people dragged several dozens of meters. "Caught the suspect after the discovery, their feet thumb nails were ripped off, at that time a little pain are not too nervous." The police said. See fellow drug traffickers is dragged, another police immediately jumped into the car, caught up from behind. At that time the speed is very fast, and two cars lined up, I’ve been thinking about how to stop him." The policeman said, he found that there is a row of lampposts in front of roadside flower beds, trying to make the other vehicle hit lampposts up, then step on the accelerator when their car more than other vehicles, to pursuit one direction, the car dealer not on the isolation beds, and just in front of the street lamp rod, car be blocked. Stop after drug traffickers want to back away, the other to the police car chase again will be surrounded by drug vehicle. The death dealers do not open the door, also call friends. Seeing this, the police took the baton, picked up a brick, put all the broken glass, will control the suspect, seized 2 kilograms of ketamine.相关的主题文章:

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