Sui September second-hand building transaction average price of 20 thousand and 5 flat sets, the

September second-hand property transaction price 20 thousand and 5 per ping total price of over 2 million Guangzhou daily news   (reporter Lai Weihang, Jia Zheng) Guangzhou property market will usher in the "eleven" golden week, prior to September, the market condition not negative "Kim Gu" the name has been. The latest report of the Guangzhou chain home released yesterday showed that the month 1~26 day, the number of cases used to promote the sale of residential break 1500, a substantial increase of 48.8% compared to the same period of August; at the same time, the city’s average transaction price of 25028 yuan per square meter, compared to the same period in August increased by 3.3%; total price is 2 million 61 thousand yuan, compared with August an increase of 1.9%. Guangzhou chain home research institute to sort out in recent months trading case, extracted case occurred at the same time the sale and lease behavior within the same month in the column as the main object of study, this that is to buy rental transactions, the rental rate of return of hair varies, ranging from 1.8%~3.9%, and concentrated in the age of about 15 years old in the community. Guangzhou Chain Family Research Institute president Zhou Feng analysis, the increase of this phenomenon reflects buyers on the current second-hand property market in Guangzhou active degree of trading optimistic. 穗九月二手楼成交均价2万5 平 套均总价超200万   广州日报讯 (记者赖伟行、贾政)广州楼市即将迎来“十一”黄金周,在此之前的9月,市场的成色已经不负“金九”之名。广州链家昨日发布的最新报告显示,本月1~26日,经其促成的二手住宅买卖宗数突破1500宗,比8月同期大幅增加48.8%;同时,全市成交均价为25028元 平方米,比8月同期上升3.3%;套均总价则为206.1万元 套,比8月同期上升1.9%。   广州链家研究院把最近几个月的交易个案进行梳理,从中抽取出同一个月内同时发生买卖和租赁行为的个案,将其列为重点研究对象发现,这种即买即出租的交易,其出租毛回报率较为参差,从1.8%~3.9%不等,且基本集中在楼龄15年左右的老式社区内。广州链家研究院院长周峰分析,这类现象的增多反映买家对目前广州二手楼市的交易活跃程度的看好。相关的主题文章:

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