State Council issued a document to promote venture capital venture capital stocks welcome freyja

The State Council issued a document to promote venture capital venture capital stocks welcome good sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn will always let you satisfy a craving State Council on promoting the sustained and healthy development of venture investment in a number of opinions of Sina Financial News in September 20th the State Council today issued a message to you, "several opinions on promoting the sustained and healthy development of venture capital". Vigorously cultivate and develop qualified investors to support the central enterprises, local state-owned enterprises, insurance companies and other institutional investors to invest in venture capital companies and venture capital fund. The establishment of equity claims and other linkage mechanism. To further reduce the commercial insurance funds to enter the field of venture capital threshold, to promote a new model of development investment loan linkage, linkage, linkage and other insurance investment bonds, increasing the venture capital investment and financing support. Give full play to the motherboard, gem, the National SME share transfer system as well as the regional equity market function, smooth venture capital market exit channels. Encourage venture capital mergers and acquisitions and other means to achieve market-oriented exit, standardize the development of specialized mergers and acquisitions fund. Encourage foreign investment to expand the scale of venture capital, increase the seed period, the start-up period of entrepreneurial support. To encourage and support the use of RMB in cross-border venture capital and related investment and trade activities. Venture capital stocks ushered in positive related venture capital stocks: Zhongguancun, Zhangjiang hi tech, zijiangqiye, Nanjing high tech, public utilities, Suzhou high, Jiuding investment, gold ham, Anhui new media, Central Plains high speed, the development of high-tech, Luxin venture, shanshangufen, Datang Telecom, Fudan Fuhua, dianguangchuanmei. Hi tech company engaged in venture capital have the great advantage of high tech park has many new startups. The advantages of Zhangjiang hi tech engaged in venture capital business, one can choose the subject of investment from many innovative enterprises; twenty of these enterprises in Zhangjiang hi tech park, hi tech can look more closely into the enterprise’s development and changes. Suzhou high tech: the company mentioned in the annual report through the implementation of the Suzhou high tech venture capital injection, expand the scale of financial venture business. 2016 1-6 attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of about 285 million yuan, an increase of about 685.06%. Investment in new development group, Jiangsu bank IPO have been approved by the SFC, Jin Pu garden in IPO process. Corporate finance, equity investment mainly involves banks, funds and listed companies to invest in equity. Luxin venture company and a subsidiary of Shenzhen Huaxin intended as a limited partner and other partners jointly initiated the establishment of DHC Ruicheng venture capital, raising a total amount of 200 million yuan, Huaxin Cheng (Shenzhen Huaxin holdings accounted for 42.49%) as Huaxin Ruicheng general partner and manager. The company paid 34 million yuan, accounting for 17%; Huaxin Cheng subscribed 2 million yuan, accounting for 1%, Shenzhen Huaxin subscribed 60 million yuan, accounting for 30%, the remaining 52% of the shares of a total of 104 million yuan investment subscribed by other people. Huaxin investment direction Ruicheng for non listed companies with high growth of Chinese domestic equity investment, will focus on new energy, new materials, theory相关的主题文章:

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