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Baking soda to "starve" misleading expert cancer cell lines: the patients were not responsible for the original title: baking soda to starve the cancer cells of patients with expert: misleading claims department is not responsible for the · reporter Li Ying in September 24th, a major breakthrough in Medicine published by the Xinhua News Agency "! Cancer cells have been used by Chinese doctors, "hungry" dead "was widely reproduced in the high incidence of cancer today, this news is enough to detonate a circle of friends. Attracted by the people for its vivid image of the title, and the so-called cheap soda has strong contrast capture of human life, ability to conquer the enemy, and deduce the soda can such a "Health Secret anti-cancer therapy". Is this really the case? How baking soda into the low cost in good taste, become a killer known as the king of diseases of cancer? Bicarbonate is the so-called main course of cancer treatment or pepper noodles? Starve the cancer cells the long circulating scientific rigor? Along with the spread of health recipes have scientific truth? In contrast to people’s Carnival, the medical profession is calm, no matter from the research team of Zhejiang University, or cancer first-line medical experts, there is a similar "supplementary": This is just a beginning of academic research results, clinical application is still long distance. This conclusion is not enough to stimulate the eye, but perhaps closer to the medicine itself. "Starvation" is not rigorous this was known as "the book of baking soda to starve the cancer cells’ therapy called TILA-TACE therapy (targeting tumor lactate anions and hydrogen ions arterial chemoembolization)", is a professor at the Zhejiang University Cancer Institute and Zhejiang two Xun Hu Chao Ming Department of Radiology Professor team income in the late, for the treatment of primary hepatocellular carcinoma. This study is objective, and published in the famous journal eLife. "Baking soda starved cancer cells’ was raised on a number of media headlines, this argument is not scientific, not rigorous, and even misleading." Technology daily in an interview with reporters, Peking University Cancer Hospital of gastrointestinal oncology experts, chief physician professor Zhang Xiaodong said, "because the sodium bicarbonate intravenous injection and we eat soda is obviously not the same, so the title of the party, to the people of patients is not responsible for!" A lot of patients with liver cancer have been exposed to interventional embolization of this treatment, the news that the use of sodium bicarbonate to starve the tumor, the study is the joint intervention embolism together to do. Interventional therapy is a routine therapy for advanced liver cancer." Zhang Xiaodong introduced, in layman’s terms, the method is to insert a catheter from the blood vessels, the drug into the liver lesions. Embolic agent is one of the drugs can be used to block the blood supply, so that the focus of necrosis. Zhang Xiaodong explained that TILA-TACE is a small soda water injection based on interventional treatment on the removal of hydrogen ions inside the lactic acid decomposition of cancer cells, cancer cells make less use of glucose, thereby accelerating cancer cell death. Not the general concept of hunger, but not to prevent cancer patients eat nutritious things. "New treatment is not.相关的主题文章:

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