SMG Serie A on chicken pecking inter difficult home court jiuyaogan

SMG: Serie A on chicken pecking difficult after home court Sunday 016 Serie A inter Pescara Udine J VS 2016-10-23 18:30 Udine J beat AC Milan League, the recent 5 round is 1 flat 4 negative be record movements, state into the trough. Pescara League start 4 draws and 4 losses record trend, the state highlights the downturn, the only product of the last 4 points ranked the last second. The state is not ideal, this is also a matter of direct dialogue echelon pattern, want to grab points. The disk early Udine J Lord let hemisphere water advantage on disk, early to give full trust to Udine J home court concessions advantage, because the Pescara League start, Udine J home court advantage and rebound being touted, concessions are set up in the good level, two teams in Italy experience gaps, the battle of Udine J home court to try, SMG Yuko negative – play. On Sunday 026 Serie A Atlanta VS international Milan 2016-10-23 21:00 Atlanta League and the viola, the last 3 League 2 wins 1 flat unbeaten, scoring momentum is very good recently. Milan in Beijing Friday morning the Europa League beat Southampton 1-0 group phase ended two game losing streak, finally got the first victory. In Serie A, the Nerazzurri are suffered two defeats and continuous three rounds extremely. Early inter disc guest Let the hemisphere high water advantage on disk, the current inter state there are still some problems, continuous fighting under rotation is difficult to guarantee, market outlook to inter variable handicap early guest Let flat half water surface in Atlanta’s recent favorable background, early back plate reasonable reduce upper plate chip intervention more difficult intent do not look at the war, have let the ball wins, SMG radio play his advice. SMG 2 string of 1 recommended: Sunday’s win of the game on Sunday + 026 to win the ball, the program put the amount of $20, you can get a maximum bonus of 52.4 yuan ($016).相关的主题文章:

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