Sheenah denied suppress Wu Xin happy family is a family can not play running man 20130908

Sheenah Wu Xin: happy family is denied to suppress one family dozen not scattered happy family entertainment news screenshot micro-blog Tencent Sheenah in the evening of October 21st, micro-blog issued a long denied to suppress Wu Xin and colleagues said the happy family ten years as a family, rebuke busybodies fabrications. Sheenah wrote: "the arena total someone trying to influence the happy family feelings, feel boring before ignore, still come, say I suppress Wu Xin said speculation for a long time, not a positive response is endless? I’ll say it again: Although we each have their own life, every time back to the camp like work, but the feeling of home, the stage to host five people, sometimes with guest host a dozen people, do their job, we have to cooperate with the whole program, attention to guest audience, interactive program atmosphere everyone has their own, there is a stall thing, I still have time to stare at Xin Xin and I still managed to suppress? All clothing not let Wu Xin wear nice clothes, the program tube arrangement of the tubes for editing the whole Wu Xin, wow! Base camp I contracted it? Give me so much power is really too highly of me! I dare say, colleagues more than ten years, Xin Xin encountered problems in their daily work and life, I was the first one to stand out quite a busybody her, don’t party screenshot mischief incited, shut up all stop! In addition, the family has gone through more than ten years of happiness, the family is not scattered! Our program is to accompany you to everyone happy, sneaky people want to provoke to see ugly drama to find we are wrong, we will not forget the beginning of the heart, and continue to grow together with my dear audience happy!" Subsequently, the happy family members have forwarded to express feelings like family. Wu Xin: camp is not a workplace, is a home, is happy, the bad guys go away, we love each other!" Du Haitao: "we are the ten most beloved brothers and sisters!" Li Weijia: "we must not forget the beginning of the heart!" He Jiong: "so many years together in our early days is far more than the real family, do not show affection is afraid everyone can not stand too sweet! Bad guys go away, we’re falling in love!"相关的主题文章:

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