She is the goddess of Wang Kai, the protagonist of the favor of Guo Jingming, just like a man (video 特命战队go busters

She is the goddess of Wang Kai, Guo Jingming favored the protagonist, started out like a man not long ago, we wrote an article "on the whole I only wear micro," Bai Baihe, you don’t know the feeling of Young and Miss are the same, let the girls clearly become good-looking, and this beautiful transformation hidden in the invisible. This is the first meaning of the whole micro. You know, people love to see the face of the history of such "still water runs deep.". So, again to everyone for a same effect as guards and clean natural case: Zhang Li. Zhang Li wore dark V Xiugou Wai is really beautiful has only heard, South Korean actress (actor or) went to Chinese when the protagonist, like Yoona Gao Junxi, ah ah what… But not long ago, a blogger Po post, said my big Chinese actress was invited to a Korean woman corner. The star is Zhang Li. A message put out, everyone is a face Meng force. This thought is a false news, did not think of a way of transmission. However, there are still a lot of people want to ask: who is Zhang Li? Zhang Li, is the "inside" put heart flower road, open the MINI, by Huang Bo stone broke, when the brakes, opened the door and walked down, one amazing crowd goddess ah. It’s like Pace Wu and Patty Hou, and Zhang Li is a giant. Since Zhang Li left the United States and the United States and the United States short hair (WOB head), it is not a low value of a qualitative leap. Whether it is advertising or daily shoot, can get to the white Formica temperament. Before some serious, and even affect the positive perception of the hump nose, worn smooth some Mo, but not directly into the tip of the nose up half Alice nose, nose is still slightly radian, somewhat like Fan Bingbing’s nose. Moreover, the width is becoming perfect, not exposing nose, nose is teardrop shaped good-looking. The high cheekbones disappeared, face a circle. The face was shorter, but not without a chin, comparing the two face drama, from the previous retraction is convex mouth chin, become long and sharp. The most powerful is that the white!!! So black, but also can turn white, simply can not be more inspirational. Is this, silently from the soil into a white Formica ugly black trim. Getting good Zhang Li, wide range, the road is also wide. In 2014, known as the "Taiwan first handsome" Wang Yangming because of the variety show "love", and Zhang Li really together a false thing becomes true. Although the last romance or because Wang Yangming split ends, but this relationship is also to the Zhang Li Yan value affirmation, after all this Wang Yangming is a solid color control.相关的主题文章:

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