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.puters-and-Technology The software is a document management system. Since it is based on very intuitive technology, anyone can start using it right away. We feel that almost every business should use SharePoint. When you start .bining it with Microsoft Office, that’s when it gets more powerful. Integrating it with MS Office: With Microsoft Office 2007, integration can be started at the file menu level. This helps in using the SharePoint menu to .municate with Office or in using your simple file menu to share documents over SharePoint. Document check-in and check-out with Microsoft Sharepoint Services: If you want to know exactly which version of a particular document is correct, Microsoft Services can help here. Remember that without the software, you always had to email team members. Everyone had a different version of the crucial document. This created confusion and lost time. It’s simple because you just check out the document that you are required to update. While you are doing that, no other user can use it. SharePoint services can also deal with version tracking. This helps in the case you need to review changes made in the document at any time. You’ll also be able to retrieve data back to another version of the document. SharePoint services enable users to create discussions and chat with each other inline with the document. This simplifies the process of switching back and forth between document management, chat, and email. Excel If you have lists of information that you need to store and share in the solution, you are able to store them in it and use Office products like Excel to view them. If you have the right privileges for the document and on your team, you will be able to refresh the data on SharePoint with a few mouse clicks, using Excel. If your .anization wants to do a SharePoint project, please send me an email about your current situation, and I will be happy to give you advice. Andy M [email protected] 925-518-9186 About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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