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Shanghai street, alley and the Shanghai tourism Sohu delicacy, Shanghai, delicacy is gathered, the international city absorbed across the snack, combined with their own innovation, become the place to become an independent school snack, Nanxiang xiaolongbao, Pan-Fried Baozi Stuffed with Pork, small wonton, always evoke heart warm memories of childhood. Shanghai is a special City petty, in a lazy afternoon, walked into a quiet alley, can find a western style restaurant, elegant tableware, elegant atmosphere, permeated with a strong flavor of coffee, flowing with the exotic. Snack street people’s Square subway station No. 19 port, turned into a side street, the store clerk is very humble, an elderly aunt with a very standard Mandarin, recommend the special snack shop, Deep-Fried Spare Ribs. We were two little duck meat and rice cake tomato, tomato rice cake taste rice cake is appropriate, particularly good, soft and sticky, duck meat, duck and separate, face a few vegetables, quite light, but I get angry, just with a full mouth, braised duck eat, taste very good, 18 Shanghai yuan, the price is very affordable. Tianzifang Nanjing Road station, line No. 2 (Guanglan Road direction), Century Avenue station; Line No. 9 (SongJiang South Railway Station), Dapuqiao (1 wells) to get off, walk to Tianzifang Front Gate. Tianzifang is formed by the unique Shanghai ordinary buildings rebuilt after the fashion landmark of the creative industry gathering area, is also the artist’s creative work base, from the teahouse, open-air restaurant, gallery, furniture and decorations to handicrafts, everything, there are houses, alleys, old Shanghai flavor of life. From Pu bridge subway station, turn right to see the front door of Tianzifang. There are so many people coming and going in Tianzifang. Seen in a paper-cut paper-cut square box, very delicate. A candy house handmade candy, but also at the door, you can smell the sweet smell of sweet lemon candy in the air, very sweet, happy taste. There are many open-air restaurants, cafes, Chinese and foreign tourists can see, or local residents, in this chat, reading, etc.. Street in the elegant life, the beauty of the details. The path is a bit crowded, twists and turns, a road at the end of May is also may be a dead end dense willow trees and bright flowers, and there are many specialty shops, something very beautiful, but not to take pictures, when we went to the weekend, super human, almost crowded, go inside for almost 1 hours out. Like the inside of the candy house, all handmade sugar, as well as perfume house, all kinds of perfume, rich fragrance but not nasal, as well as paper cutting house, and so on, are quite like. The Bund went from Tianzifang to Xintiandi Station bus line No. 10 (new direction), Nanjing Road Station (exit 2) get off. Because only in the evening, the Bund night no lights, less blurred more brilliant, the historical vicissitudes of precipitation. Ditto afternoon tea is located in Xuhui District Taiyuan road 63, Lane No. 6 (Taiyuan District), you can take the subway line 10 to Changshu Road station, walk through the Huaihai Road, Shanghai music.相关的主题文章:

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