Shanghai science city planning area 160 thousand square meters of Zhangjiang five illegal gathering 残清1864

Shanghai science city planning area 160 thousand square meters of Zhangjiang five illegal gathering group open – illegally built Beijing new network in Shanghai in November 2, (Li Shuzhi) is a sight with global influence scientific city planning plots, one side is five illegal chaos prominent, illegally built buildings environmental pollution and dirty and messy, so of a world of difference occurred in Pudong Zhangjiang Han Dang village. On the morning of 2, with hundreds of machines at the same time the roar of the more than and 10 years of operation, five illegal gathering illegally built group was officially opened, 2 companies from the demolition and help the demolition according to the agreement, and another 2 companies to demolitions, fully opened the comprehensive management of the regional action big screen. This is also the Zhangjiang Town this year "five against four will fill short board in the longest time, volume of the largest and most strongly reflected in the improvement of the regional residents. Han Dang Industrial Park aerial map Changhao Wang Han Dang village, East by South Shen Jia Gang, West Road, and north to Mianyang North Han Dang industrial zone covers an area of 120 acres, the illegal use of land, illegal construction, illegal operation, illegal sewage, illegal residence and five illegal phenomenon. Through this area overlooking the aerial, all is blue and white color steel construction. Lay out the smelly and industrial zone inside the river debris, the environment is extremely dirty and messy, building layers of sublease enterprise have serious security risks, many owners of private pull wire phenomenon, the fire channel had been occupied the heap. It is understood that the Han Dang Industrial Zone, a total of 18 enterprises, illegally built a total area of 160 thousand square meters. In 2002, a number of companies signed a lease agreement, the lease period of the end of 2012. Not in accordance with the plan and without legal approval, business owners of unauthorized illegal use of land and illegal construction and illegal wanton expansion form five illegal gathering. Today, 4 years after the expiration of the agreement, not only the illegal land problem is not resolved, but the illegal construction is still growing, spreading, layers of illegal sublease profit, the surrounding masses to reflect strong. The morning of November 2nd, Zhang Jiang 160 thousand square meters five illegal gathering group started illegally built open. Wang Changhao photo up to now, has been signed since the demolition and removal of the agreement to reach 10 companies, more than 50%. According to the plan, in addition to the demolition of the 4 companies, the remaining will be through, since the demolition of illegally built, help the demolition demolitions law and other forms of synchronization, speeding up the pace of improvement. According to Zhangjiang Town official said that this year, Zhangjiang Town illegally built to achieve new zero growth, a total elimination of the stock of 620 thousand square meters of illegal buildings. (end)相关的主题文章:

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