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Sense of security is when two people have to rely on, when a person is also very exciting – and the Sohu have a network of friends and Kizu and wood WeChat by a public number, have become good friends, will have time to chat. The first two days, she said with wood, she and her husband decided to divorce, the two people for some reason can not continue to live together, but they still love each other. She said: "although the wood, decided to leave, but I am afraid not his days, I was too dependent on him before, whether it is life or spirit, I do not think his life, I will have no sense of security, I will not go, how to do?" I said, in this world, no one who will not get away from the. Perhaps the beginning will miss, will be lonely, will be like the heart is empty, but these are only the process, only the life is their own. But some people are like this, love too much, love too self. I know a girl who used to be very familiar and go shopping together. Since her love, rarely playing with us together, even without hearing a word about. After a long period of time, suddenly heard a friend said that she cut her boyfriend to commit suicide, but fortunately was found in time, sent to the hospital. When I met again in the hospital, she lost a lot, I love to her: "silly girl, take good care of yourself, don’t let friends worry about." She said to me: "long time no see, I can talk to you again, I miss you, I miss you.". "I cut an apple and handed it to her. She shook her head. I said: "eat a bar, I bought the powder is full of taste, I remember you like powder, do not like crisp." She took over, after the bite, the tears fell with it. I asked her how. She said: "no matter how good you are, I have forgotten that they like to eat the apple powder, I can only remember all his favorite things to eat, even their favorite food to forget. "She loves him, and the whole world is in love. She tried to integrate into his circle of friends, gradually alienated his friends. In order to have more time to accompany him, take care of him, she gave up their favorite job, in the vicinity of their lives to find a small clerical work. All the focus of life is dominated by him, all the choices, give up or pay, is for him. Later, he met more like, they broke up. She said that after breaking up, she suddenly felt that their world is empty, originally, she told himself that the best way to revenge him is a person can live better than him. However, she still can’t do it, no love, no hate and even the whole world, only emptiness, her world is empty, one can see the end. She said that she Dutch act not because of hate him, because he has become dependent on her spirit, and this pillar collapsed, without relying on, there is no sense of security. So, these days I have been thinking about a problem: the so-called sense of security, is the two people love each other to keep warm, or!相关的主题文章:

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