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Home-and-Family Round picture frames make a wonderful and decorative way to display your favorite photos. It is their unique shape however that can make it challenging to find just the right picture. You can think of selecting a round frame for your photo like shopping for clothes. Some clothes look great on while others look awful. This article will give you some guidelines on the types of pictures that go best with round frames and which ones would look better in a traditional shaped frame. What Looks Great in Round Picture Frames – Landscape photographs are a great match for a round picture frames. Round frames act like small windows to the outside world. – Photos taken from a distance also look good with round picture frames. With the primary subject of the photo at a distance from the camera the proportions of a round frame are a good fit. The round frame gives depth to the overall image so the main object of the picture does not have the illusion of looking round. – Pet photos are also a great fit with round frames. Most pets are rather .pact in size which makes them an ideal subject for round frames. Pet photos are perfect for round frames because they look good whether you show just their head or their entire body. Round picture frames create a fun and playful mood that is perfect for displaying pet photos. – Babies are a wonderful subject for any picture frame, but the round picture frame is a great way to .plement baby photos. The naturally round and .pact shape of babies makes them a good fit for a round frame whether your framing just their face or their entire body. Be sure the baby is centered properly in the photo to make the most of your round picture frame display. – Small pieces of artwork, like stitchery, needlepoint, drawings and watercolors are a great choice for a round frame. The unique shape of a round frame is a fun and different way to showcase your unique, one of a kind artwork. – Round frames also look great with mirrors. Mirrors are more and more popular because it is a simple way to add light to a room and make a small space appear larger. What to Avoid When Using Round Picture Frames – Close-up head portraits, especially with the subject looking directly at the camera, should not be framed in a round picture frame. Round frames have a tendency to make a face seem more round and full, which is not flattering to most people. Be sensitive to this fact when using round frames. The one exception is baby photos. Babies look adorable in round frames because of their small, .pact size and round cuddly shape. – Photos that are tightly cropped also look bad in a round frame. Always keep the subject in the photo centered in the frame so the spacing looks even and balanced. There should be enough space around the subject so the photo doesn’t look squeezed into the frame. Round frames are a wonderful way to display your photos or artwork in a unique and decorative way. They can be a lot of fun when used with the right type of picture. Following these guidelines will help you always know which picture will look the best in any round picture frame. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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