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Rong a household Shinco air conditioner outside the machine exploded when she was running the air conditioner was blown out of a big hole in the news network September 29th (reporter Zhao Yangwen sea map) 26 am, who lives in Fuzhou the Wang Zhuang District Xiao Wu, in his sleep was awakened by a loud explosion, Shinco air conditioner found outside the home on fire, smoke billowing. With the help of the neighbors and the security, the fire was put out, and the fire came. After the incident, the merchant sent to check, said the problem can not be confirmed air conditioning. At present, Xiao Wu’s sister, Ms. Wu has been reported to the police station Wang Zhuang. The morning outside the machine fire neighborhood help fire Ms. Wu, who lives in Fuzhou Jinan world Europe Wang Zhuang 1 District 4 building. According to Wu introduced, only one day younger brother at home, 26 am 1 pm, brother asleep, the air conditioner suddenly "bang bang, after the fire, smoke billowing. Brother immediately pulled the air conditioning plug, and then use the basin water fire. The explosion will not only wake up his brother, but also alerted the downstairs neighbors and property security, they took the fire extinguisher put out the fire. There are neighbors reported 119, followed by firefighters also came to the air conditioner outside the investigation, eliminate hidden dangers. Yesterday, the reporter saw the air conditioner, the explosion in the Wu family on the balcony of shell black, and machine interface burned a hole. Air conditioning in a year when the explosion in the operation of Ms Wu said, this is a new air-conditioning, stores a year ago in China to buy, two thousand yuan, 25 air-conditioning is around 10 pm to start work, the air conditioning running. After the incident, the merchant sent staff door. In accordance with the business situation, no traces of burning machine machine, main parts of machine compressor without burning, because can not understand that the in-situ combustion, combustion machine is unable to confirm the cause of the fire, need further verification. Wu said the merchant does not agree. Ms. Wu said, only after the scene to identify the staff to leave, and did not check the line, but claimed to be a circuit problem. Wu believes that businesses should compensate for air conditioning, and related costs arising from fire fighting. Fuzhou Kaiyuan lawyer Yang Dacheng said, consumers can ask the third party professional accreditation bodies to identify the cause of the explosion, if it is caused by the product quality of the explosion, can sue businesses, to safeguard their own interests. Analysis of the cause of the explosion outside the air conditioning machine why the machine will suddenly explode? Fuzhou appliance repair center master Lin said, air-conditioning pipe has a certain pressure, if the connection pipe quality, welding, installation, or design problems, or aging, jam, wall may be unable to withstand the pressure burst. A brand of air conditioner maintenance department staff told reporters that the air conditioner explosion there may be a result of the compressor overheating protection device does not work, leading to even when power has been burning, burn out after Freon will iron injection, causing the explosion. In addition, machine maintenance, freon filled with too much nitrogen, outside the machine mixed with other gases can cause the compressor explosion. Professionals said the explosion was mostly being repaired.相关的主题文章:

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