Revit Services Be.e Main Needs Of Architectural And Engineering

Outsourcing Revit services be.e more important as there are more building information modeling needs. Since Revit has Revit Architecture, Revit Structure and Revit MEP, Revit a more and more important design tool for architects, structural engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and plumbing engineers who have building information modeling needs. Revit services mainly include Revit modeling , Revit documentation and Revit content creation. Revit modeling is a general saying, since it includes all types of modeling work required by different design professionals for different intents. Sometimes, architects just need Revit models at concept design stage to show the owners their concepts. Revit documentation is .pleting construction documents phase of design by creating Revit models. The Revit models should be accurate, detailed and just what would be built. .pared with construction documents in AutoCAD or other 2D software, construction documentation in Revit is accurate and intelligent. All schedules, such as door schedule, window schedule, are created automatically. All material attributes and quantities are dragged out accurately. What is more powerful is that when architects make any change in one place, it will change everywhere accordingly in all set of construction documents. Also, all disciplines, such as, architecture, structure, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, can share the same Revit models. It’s very much like the X-ref used in AutoCAD when multiple disciplines work together, however, it’s much intelligent in Revit. Furthermore, as Revit is building information modeling, all information is parameterized and it could be used for clash detection and other purposes. Revit content creation is usually due to the need of Revit documentation. When architects and engineers work in AutoCAD or other 2D software, they should have CAD graphic standards. When moving into Revit platform, they should also have their standard Revit template to work on. Although there are standard templates in the AEC design industry, most architectural and engineering firms would have their own which they think better or more cognizable. Thus, there’re needs in most design firms to create their own Revit templates. Also, a building consists of thousands of elements and different buildings consist of different elements. Building information modeling requires everything in 3D and parameterized, so Revit content creation is needed by architects and engineers when creating fully parameterized buildings in Revit, especially for customized MEP equipment. These Revit content are called Revit families. Although there are many websites selling Revit families for different fixtures, equipment and elements from different manufactures or providing them available for downloading for free, there are still huge needs when architects and engineers .e up with customized element. It’s an age during the transition from 2D drafting to building information modeling. In this age, Revit content creation more and more popular. However, at the end of this age, when almost all design .panies have their own Revit templates and almost all element that you can think of and you might use are created and put into an Revit library, the needs of Revit content creation will decrease. Building information modeling concept grows as information technology grows, and the need of Revit services grows as building information modeling concept grows. Those .panies which grasp the needs from the market can make big growths in the transition from 2d drafting to building information modeling. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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