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Quit-Smoking Manufacturers of cigarettes make it out rightly clear that cigarette smoking is harmful to ones health. The harm Cigarette smoking has been a social habit since time immemorial. Tobacco pipes were popular mostly among the older men, with the young ones buying the normal tobacco cigarettes. The main reason that any smoker had is for the nicotine that is found in the tobacco. However, its not just nicotine found in tobacco! Tobacco has been scientifically tested and found to contain over 4,000 harmful substances! A good number of these components are carcinogens. Carcinogens are elements that promote the growth of cancer cells. For this reason alone, smokers have a greater chance of developing cancer, and particularly lung cancer. Other effects that come with smoking tobacco cigars are a discoloration of the teeth and lips. It is very easy to tell a smoker just by looking at their lips that are usually dark from the burning of the cigar. Also, smokers usually have a foul smell on their clothes or in their homes. Cigarette smoke gets stuck on fabric giving it a foul smell! New inventions Since nicotine is the main thing that keeps people hooked on cigars, technology has developed a new type of cigar that will give smokers their nicotine fix without exposing them to the over 4,000 harmful substances found in tobacco. This technology is found in the e cigarette cartridges. The e-cigs as they are commonly called are designed in a way that does not incorporate tobacco. Therefore, a smoker only gets the nicotine to his body. The electric cigarette cartridges contain liquid nicotine and when someone puffs on the cigar, the nicotine travels up through the liquid and is inhaled. This kind of cigarette, unlike the traditional tobacco cigarette does not burn hence there is no smoke or ash produced. However, it has been designed in a manner that simulates the tobacco cigar. These simulations are evidenced by the blue or green light that appears on the tip. This is meant to tell the smoker that he is actually smoking and inhaling the nicotine. Also, there is a white cloud that gets released after each puff that looks like the traditional cigarettes smoke. This is actually harmless water vapor. Without knowledge of the cigar, it is very hard to tell if a person is smoking the e-cig or the traditional tobacco cigar. Safer option E-cigs are an alternative to regular cigarettes as they help the user regulate their nicotine intake. They have the exact taste of the traditional tobacco and hence switching to e-cigs shouldnt be hard. Another important up-side of the e-cig is that it is not subject to any smoking bans. Therefore, a smoker can use it indoors or outdoors, practically anywhere he desires. If you think you are addicted to cigarettes and cannot quit entirely, why not buy e cig cartridges? These will give you your daily dose of nicotine but in a safe way. Furthermore, you get to protect those around you from the harmful contents of cigarette smoke. The environmentalists will also remark you for keeping the environment safe as these are an Eco-Friendly way of smoking! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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