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Radical plagiarism, not by "self-discipline", must rely on the law [Abstract] plagiarism is a long-standing problem, has been unable to cure, it is plagiarism cost is too low, the interests of the parties get too high, non mandatory intervention cannot solve. Author: Li Yan, we go to school, work process, inevitably to write papers. A paper from the topic, opening to writing, modify, reply, not a few months or one or two years time is uncertain. If someone can get a paper in two days and keep the pace for about five years, would you think he’s a God or a fool? Recently out of such a person, published in five years, more than and 800 articles, the vast majority are a certain depth of the paper. Not only that, the 800 papers covering the business management of modern logistics, industrial economics, sociology, aesthetics, ancient literature, modern literature, psychology, theatre and film, printing technology, Studio Entertainment and World of Warcraft and many other fields, the author of the full scholarship outrageous. The birth of this "man", a very worthy of study. A "man", Dong Peng published 800 papers: 5 years, an average of two days, comparable to the speed of network novel the God of all rounder called Dong Peng, from the beginning of 2011 was published everywhere in life, until 2016 the criminal conspiracy has been unmasked. Over the past 5 years, he published more than more than and 800 articles in academic journals, short words, thousands of words, long words of tens of thousands of words, an average of two or three days will be able to write a. Published so many articles, involving a wide range of fields, a little common sense will be attributed to this behavior to two words – plagiarism. Fair to say that he copied was still very hard, after all, five years as one day, every day thousands of words on each copy words, each with the contents of the difference is so big, the school more than homework buddies all understand, the workload is great. Dong Peng published a series of articles in this transformation, multiple identities, only commonly have Carlisle (Meizhou) rubber products Co. Ltd., AIP group, castalla group, access management consulting firm, Shunda management consulting firms, management consulting firms, Yida Zhongyi Management Consulting Co. Ltd., including post researcher, chief strategy the chief adviser in charge of the enterprise, etc.. However, such a clear plagiarism in five years, no one was exposed, but he himself, long copy married, because the hair of the article in particular, is really a number of places as experts. In May this year, China automatic identification magazine reported on Dong Peng, the article called logistics experts, professor level senior engineer, etc.. Until this year, a 72 year old professor Xu Jianhua found that Dong Peng published an article four or five words in the article, a paper published last year, and his more than 1 thousand and 300 words in exactly the same words. In Professor Xu Jianhua’s efforts, Dong Peng’s misdeeds of plagiarism to be exposed. Copying things brought to light, Dong Peng also admitted that directly spoke the truth: he never went to college, Northwestern University automation professional doctorate is made known before. It worked in Carlisle, but not as a supervisor, only merchandiser. Castaneda group, AIP group, Carlisle (Meizhou) rubber products Co. Ltd. are fake. As for。相关的主题文章:

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