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Qianhu Miao village, see you hungry the delicacy? Sohu – Guizhou tourism Leishan Xijiang Miao village is a large village, how much? More than 1 thousand, China, is the world’s largest Miao village! In the stockade, there will always be some special things, such as eating? Travel is to have what different idle away in seeking pleasure, here? What good is found, it is recommended? The results on drink I see "high" overlord "drink, you love to drink, do not love to drink; you don’t love love to drink!" This wine to drink the domineering, laugh, estimation of a lifetime will not forget. While eating, Miao family has the highest standard of table feast, all the delicacy together to put passion and the largest in Chicheng dedicated to the guests from afar. In I experience the taste of most of the food is "Fish in Sour Soup". This dish is used to feed carp in the paddy fields, clean up after the pan on the fire, pour the soup and then put into a special, pepper and other spices like like boiled and then dipped in Hot pot boiling, seasoning food, tender meat, delicious exception. But I still love the soup, soup with rice is said to add natural fermentation brewed in short, very delicious, my every meal drink two or three bowl, until the pot dry, and the fish to have little interest. The "drum possession of meat" is the most cultural taste of the dishes, it is said that in the past thirteen years to eat once, people’s lives are actually less than a few times. Guzang Festival is also called "Gu Zang Festival", is a Miao important ceremony of worship Festival, divided into small and large bull bull. The little donkey once a year, the big bull to once in thirteen years, only in a big bull, to eat "guzang meat". Miao saying: "this time thirteen years guzang Festival, eat meat to eat a lump, drink or to drink a bowl". I guess the past "guzang meat" is large, the day will certainly enjoy the drink, large pieces of meat. Now the "guzang meat" has become a cultural brand, also do delicate, but too little, less the number of people, with one piece of humility. Mouth of the product has not been anxious, No. On the long table feast delicious mutton sheep and Hot pot, here to eat the grass is fresh mountain herbs, even with many Chinese herbal medicines, there is no pollution nor fixed food, sheep eat freely, happy long, of course, the meat is very delicious, very fresh. Sausage and bacon is here and a special food, sausage, sweet but not greasy, spicy meat fat and not oil, but generally did not dare to eat the girl. The diet culture is rich, have boiled, stewed, steamed, fried, roasted, baked, Jiao, Chung, raw food, salted, fried and other methods, which burned, roasted, Chung, Jiao, raw food, pickled features. If you think the long table feast is not enough fun, also can take you to the street to see. Just the sausage and bacon and small block, the cut is too thin, here a piece? Have fun! If you eat greasy meat, a vegetable casserole, if added is a special 9相关的主题文章:

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