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Prepare pregnant: talk about menstruation and after have to do 3 things – Sohu 83 years older maternal landlord, the eldest daughter, in January this year started to the second, 123 what are not prepared, thinking naturally, as can be imagined — without results! In April to go to the hospital, diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Although doctors can also be said, but her husband insisted down again to numerical hypothyroidism. Good for your baby. So 4567 started the birth control. The last review in August was down, and the value was good. So the man made plan. The month of August on a variety of suspected symptoms of pregnancy appeared in my body, in September, aunt or patronize me. The following began to talk about a good pregnancy in September, although the second child, but seeing the two time bar was not without excitement. The menstrual period and after menstruation will do the thing, there are mainly 3 parts, 1 last menstrual period in September 16th, from the first day until now (with their feet every day, I only better wormwood) electric massage and foot bath foot basin. Feet must adhere to! 2 menstrual drink ginger juice brown sugar water, morning, noon, evening, each cup, this month, the stomach is not so painful. Sleep at night also useful hot water bag deposited in the stomach. Warm! Very comfortable。 Sleep at night is also very practical, sleep until dawn. 1 movement: from the body clean, every day to go to work and walk about 15 minutes or so, go faster with less than 15 minutes. After dinner will go to walk about 30 minutes to 1 hours.. There is a walk back in 200 to 500 will be bouncing down. Later, to increase the number of ovulation period, ranging from 1000 to 2000. This can be based on their physical condition. So whatever you do, you must stick to it. 2 black bean. After menstruation began to drink black Soybean Milk every morning, you can drink for six or seven days. This is the watch before the sisters did share. The effect is really good. It is recommended that the sisters are trying hard. Choose another black green bean is said to be the black kernel is good beans. I don’t understand this, I have eaten this kind of bean, and the brand of wild forest has eaten it. Think the former is good. 1.10.1 detects ovulation with David, nine point two red bars at night value of 75. According to the experience of September, I do not think this early ovulation. No homework. 10.2, the morning of the night before the test was not so thick, so red, the value of 60. At 9:30 in the morning to arrange a course. I feel the quality of the general. I’m a big point at the back, and the doctors don’t know how to get pregnant. After the end of tails up, chest close to the bed, then lying 30 minutes, at the same time when lying close anus can just keep action. Turn over the time afraid of coming out, assisted by her husband, and then the buttocks to the waist pad thick pillow lying. Have ovulation pain right, so the right to sleep. By her husband to help themselves do not have to stand up. The husband also said that did not flow out feeling good. Wake up, why do. I don’t want this to happen. But still do a thing, is to continue to detect ovulation, every 2 hours ~!相关的主题文章:

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