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Careers-Employment As a student one learns the theoretical part of the subject without focusing much on the practical applications. This makes the student less eligible to meet the growing standards of the .pany requirements. As a result a number of internship programs are conducted. Internship is a practical on-job training provided under the guidance of an experienced person in the field. The internship program helps develop the candidates skills with intense practical training. A .pleted internship acts as a resume booster. Internship programs also help in developing the self confidence. Based on education and area of interest, there are different internships available for training in different fields. The different internship programs include IT internship, PR internship, medical internship, research internship etc. For those desiring a career in public relations, there are PR Internships. PR internships train the candidates in organizing and handling events and media campaigns, improving the .munication skills, organizing and participating in business activities etc. The PR interns are also trained to work in multi cultural environment to adapt themselves to the international standards. For candidates who love doing research, there are research internships. Research internships provide the students with different projects requiring research. The candidates are given opportunity to conduct research and explore things. This makes the candidate strong and confident enough to work in the field of research. The research internships again fall into various categories i.e. software, science, medicine etc. There are internship programs conducted during the holidays also. They are summer internships and winter internships. Summer internships and winter internships enable the students to get exposed to practical work making best use of the holidays. The summer internship and winter internships provide training in various fields. These internships are intended for exposing the students to real time environment. Internship programs are of various types. Internship programs usually dont pay anything to candidates and even if they pay, very less. The interns are rewarded if they successfully .plete the project assigned. Some internship programs like summer and winter internships aimed for students are paid training programs. They usually charge fees to cover the cost incurred in conducting training and providing training materials. A number of organizations conduct internship programs. The candidates are short listed and screened based on their resume. A few organizations even conduct personal interviews before selecting the candidates. The deserving and extraordinary candidates are absorbed by the .pany as full time employees. Internships make the candidate strong in practical knowledge, expose the students to real work environment, improve the .munication skills and boost the self confidence thereby making them eligible for working in .anizations. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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