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Please prevent the reporter’s mind used in gas snake — Guangxi channel, Nanjing 200 Cobra run away, after a month before the relevant departments received a report from the masses, now there are more than 50 unaccounted for, they should be relevant departments should strive to prevent the objects, the relevant departments of the local but the brightest reporters as great scourges. At noon on October 12th, Jiangsu local media interviews the remaining Cobra whereabouts problem in North Liuhe Xiongzhou street community, waiting for two hours, has no answer. An interview with reporters, claiming a street stability maintenance staff forcibly stopped reporters, and reached out to the city channel male cameraman liaodao. Then, the staff will come forward to dissuade the female reporter Liaodao, causing the hand injury, damage to the camera. The behavior of the staff is the reporter as a trouble maker. The reporter is to help, not to touch who trouble, so many reporters at the door, there are so many villagers want to know the whereabouts of the snake, no matter how busy the work out should be twice. The reporter is not going to go, but to understand the progress of events, this information even when reporters not to interview, the relevant departments have the initiative to inform the public, or to the public interests of indifference. Obviously, although the experts tell us the young snakes toxicity is small, the temperature is difficult to survive, but rely on the experts can not convince the public, said it is difficult to survive, and how the snake after missing more than a month before the villagers home was found? After the snake escape things exposure, caused no small panic in the society at this time, only the possible consequences are figured out, measures are in place, in order to allow the heart to Min’an village. Objectively speaking, the disposal of the relevant departments is still timely, although the information time is late, but a series of careful deployment, or let the little comfort, the preparation of the medicine prepared, also mobilized the Centaur carpet search, related prevention knowledge is also the first time to inform the public. In this matter, the interests of the public and the relevant departments of the interests are completely consistent, the relevant departments to the public as soon as possible to understand the progress of events, as far as possible knowledge more, and journalists and media is the communication between the relevant departments and the public, everyone is in order to get things done the relevant departments, actively respond to perform their duties, reporters also perform their duties. Don’t put the public’s right and the opposition, the more information known to the public, reporters with more solid, on the prevention and control work has more powerful, this is the work of the relevant departments to reduce the pressure, it is rejected by the truth. In dealing with social problems, or to abandon the negative psychology is not a good thing is a bad thing, the relevant departments can not in a month ago informed, is a dereliction of duty earlier, but an effective coping process is actually can be a plus, but you can see the government governance ability. Even if there really is the damage to the image, open and transparent is the best way to save the impact. (commissioning editor Pang Guanhua and Chen Lulu)相关的主题文章:

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